J and P Moving and Ash Moving / Moving

1 Georgia Florida, United States

On June 3, 2014 Ash Moving Corp. sent JandP Moving to our house to pick up our items. We have not been received our goods yet, only lies and deception. No actual delivery dates or location of our items. The FMCSA site says they are a Freight only carrier so they do not show any complaints on these thieves. Have called police, DOT, and FMCSA, These people had rental trucks, claiming the water pump went out on their truck it was in for repairs. Watch out they photo copy bogus paperwork they try to call Contracts and make you sign while the two rental trucks are loaded outside. At the bottom of the paperwork they had white out over USA Relocation, Inc. Ash Moving Corp sent these people to our house!! We paid Ash over $3000 to move our goods and they sent these theives to our house to move us. Telling us to pay them the next payment of $2888.76, the move was based on weight, they never showed up with any weight tickets on the empty load but since they had rental trucks we got the empty weight. Watch out they are African American and don't forget to get pics of their DL!!! Doesn't anyone out there no why the government is letting these people cross state lines to move anything???

Aug 02, 2014

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