J and H Power Equipment / Bad Service

1 MD, US

My husband and I bought a lawnmower back in May '09 and purchased the warranty that went along with it. Last week I was out mowing and accidentally ran over a stump. My fault I know! So we called Lowes to see how we would go about getting it fixed. They gave us J and H Power Equipments number and so basically they are a contractor of Lowes. So we end up dropping it off with them and letting them know what we figured the issue was and are told to give them 1 week to diagnose it. No problems there! So the week goes by and they we call them to find out what's going on. They tell us the crank shaft is bent and basically there's no point in fixing it because of the amount of money it would cost ($175) as opposed to just buying a new one.

After hearing this I emailed my step dad to find out if he would be able to fix it, considering we hadn't had it for very long. My step dad runs a tractor/mower service and so of course he said he could do it. So we head back over to the J and H location and are told the same thing as what we were told over the phone about the crank shaft. No big deal! And we grab the mower and take it home.

We get home and I find an email from my step dad asking a few questions about the mower and wanting us to check out a few things on it. Okay so we go outside and one of the things he wanted us to check for him was the mower blade, just wanting to know if you could turn it smoothly or not. So we turn it onto its side, only to find out that there was NO BLADE!

We were a little upset and just figured the person that diagnosed it must have forgotten to put the blade back on. Again no big deal! Accidents will happen.

My husband calls the next morning (this morning) and asks want happened to the blade. Turns out it was NO ACCIDENT that they forgot to put the blade back on. Apparently the blade adaptor (whatever that is, some small piece that helps hold the blades on the main mower piece) well it was cracked so for safety sake they took the blades off. Okay! And they didn't seem to think that they had to put them back on. No one even bothered to tell us when we pick the mower up that they took the blades off or that there was even any issue with the blades.

I just don't understand what made them think they could keep something that belonged to us and didn't bother to mention that they even had the piece until we called them! I find this very unprofessional, it makes me think that they were trying to rip us off because in the end the warranty didn't cover the bend shaft so we would have had to pay out of pocket for that. Thankfully I knew someone that could fix it for cheaper! Hopefully we don't have to deal with them anymore! I would not recommend them!

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