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J-1 Enterprises, LLC / Wellness Watcher MD

1 2210 2nd St S, Arlington, VA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 571-251-0188

I was charged $29.95 by WelWatchMD and I've never done business with that company. That doctor should be sued in a class action suit for all the money she stole from many people. Can you do something about this or are you just gonna waste everyone's time filling out this complaint. Yes, I'm extremely pissed right now and want to see some action taken. Please inform me of your corrective action in this situation. Thanks!

M. James

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  • Ni
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    Same here I was charge over $100.00, claiming that i'm a member.
    i'm disgusted. I was supposted to pay rent with it. nowI can't.
    please press charges against this crimial or his website

  • Sl
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    Alert! Warning! Wellness Wacher MD - FRAUD!!!

    After purchasing "Celebrity Sexy Teeth" product for $49.99 0, 5 oz of product on-line - total rip-off, product was returned 3 days later, refund was submitted on Feb.04.'09. and I was very impressed.

    Little did I know that while purchasing that product I had to check mark

    "I Agree"

    before charges were put through, which I honestly didn't read thinking that it was all about returning product if not satisfied and getting full refund.

    That was a big part of that sale campaign!!!

    By clicking on "I Agree" you agree for the seller to pass on your credit card info to the Wellness Wacher MD which is going to charge your credit card in name of "Membership" which you are not aware of, you never really considered any kind of membership and the best part is yet to come:

    By sending the product back because it is just 0, 5 oz of useless white paste they expect any reasonable person to return it, just doesn't make sense to pay $49.99,

    it's impressive how fast the refunds are submitted.

    What you don't know is that even if you send the product back and get your refund, 2 weeks later, just when you put everything to rest,

    Wellness Wacher MD sneaks up and with the credit card info you purchased "Celebrity Sexy Teeth" (they are suposedly 2 different companies) charges your card (my card) for $59.90 in the name of "Membership" on which you unknowingly agreed upon previously :-(.

    Returning the product doesn't cancel your "membership" with Wellness Wacher MD since they are "two different companies" (same person behind the scene) and the whole thing is designed to suck people into this by selling bogus product!

    Sorry state of afairs if educated people have to go so low and resort to tricks to make money, there is a better way, but you have to have some real education and character!!!

    This thing has to be investigated and even they think they are legaly covering every aspect, there must be something that can be done to weed out vampires like Wellness Wacher MD!!

  • De
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I have had a similar experience with this company.
    I am in Australia.
    I never dealt with this company or received any product from them, but so far they have taken over $120 Australian from my Credit Card.
    I have emailed back and forth . They are saying they can't deal with my complaint by email and gave me a phone number, which Ibelieve is a phony also as I am unable to connect.
    Some action needs to be take to expose these fraudsters!!!

  • Pb
      9th of May, 2009
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    WELLNESSWATCHERSMD.COM and FATWATCHERS.COM are felony criminals that scam innocent consumers out of personal and credit info and use that data for their own gain by commiting theft, identy theft and grand theft.
    The FBI, FCC and various other law enforcement agencies are aware and in the process of prosecuting them.
    They recently also purchased a Google ad spot which places them on top of every search result.
    DO NOT FALL FOR THAT. The company is fraudulent and criminal.
    Consider yourself warned by someone that experienced them and their scam practices.

  • Ap
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    FREE Weeks of WellnessWatchersMD -
    Starting After 14-Day Free Trial
    $29.95/mo. is billed by
    WellnessWatchersMD - You will be
    contacted by WellnessWatchersMD
    within 1 business day - If you have
    any questions or you would like to
    cancel please call 1-800-591-6383 or
    email [protected]

    This is the notice I received after making a purchase with Barton Publishing. I canceled this membership right away as I did not want it and wanted to avoid any charges. I never received a phone call and my account was charged $1.83 a couple of days later. I emailed "[protected] and their explanation of the charge was a "activation fee". I requested my account be credited back for the charge. They stated that they tried to charge my account but it did not go through. I had to fax my bank statement for proof. In the mean time, I was charged AGAIN for $1.83. I did get a refund for the first charge, but not the last one. I had to send numerous emails and had to fax my bank statement two more times and have had no response. The following is a response from a customer service rep:

    I understand that you may are upset, I would really like to help you. Please re-send the Bank Statement because this is another number to further process of your Refund issues. This is an updated number, please send the BS to the fax # is 609-613-5913 and "Attention to Office Manager".


    John Patrick
    Wellness WatchersMD Support Team

    The number he gave was the initial fax number they gave before. This company is horrible with customer service and is NOT to be trusted!

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