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IX Web Hosting Warning / Avoid IX Web Hosting at all costs

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Almost 4 years ago I purchased my first Buisness Accout with IX.
Soon after, I purchased 3 more, and I was recommending them to my customers. For the first 2 years, I NEVER needed support, I cannot remember ever having an issue.. In 2007 that came to an ABRUPT end.

In June of 2007, one of my sites Photo Galleries was not loading images, so I logged onto “Chat Support” it was a nightmare, the person I was chatting with was very limited with the English languge. I tried to explain that my images were not loading, he replied that the database was “broken” and I would just have to be patient.. When I told him that the database was working just fine, seeing as my page was pulling up pages, such as admin, and customer login, which meant that the database was working, but something else was wrong with the database… Anyway, to keep a long story not quite as long, after about 24 hours I recieved a message from IX saying that the server corrupted, and the backup of the server was also corrupted, and my site was gone forever.. Yesssss I did have a backup, but it was 2 weeks old, and minus about 5000 photo’s.

I requested a compensation for the site that was lost, I had spent about 15 long weeks working on the site, I had at the time 22 clients selling photo’s and graphics, within 2 days I was listed as an error page on google, and not to mention I was stressed to the max… IX were were extremly kind to me, and offered me 2 weeks of free hosting.. how generous.

After this, things went drasticly wrong with IX, more downtime than uptime, when the sites were up, everything was so slow, it was like sucking chunky peanut butter through a straw. IX was sinking, and it was sinking fast.

In May I recieved an Email accusing me of Phishing, and 3 accounts would be terminated if I did not remove the files.. But they did not tell me where the files were!!.. and when I called Sergy Inospeakyenglish he was very rude and started telling me that my web folders were not secure, when I explained they were, and the one folder that needed 777 was protected by a .htaccess, he would not have it, The whole blame was put on ONE 777 folder.

Then something happened, one day I googled one of my sites, and got an Error Message about a php module, I copied the Error message and googled it.. and I noticed that EVERY site on google had the same error message contained /****/*****/ hsphere/**** etc Now I know this is likely to be IX web hosting because of the control panel.. so I then BetterWhois a whole list of sites, and each and every one of them was hosted at IX web. This was beyond coincedence. When I phoned IX and told them that I had strong suspicions that they had a server vunerabilty, I was bluntly told that, that was not possible, and it was my fault, and yet again a 777 folder, this happened again 10 days later, again I got blamed.. Then another 10 days later, another buisness account got injected, but this account had 8 purely 100% html sites, NO folders, no scripts just pure html, and EVERY file was injected.. When I called, I was told it was my fault, and I should check my permissions, when I said I did not have any folders, I was told I had uploaded a Trojan, when I said I had not touched any of the accounts for 13 months, I was told my Ftp password was too easy.. when I said it was the maximum 12 letters and numbers, I was accused of giving it to someone.. I was furious.. I was 100 % certain that the problem was on their end, and I was going to prove it.

I started gathering information, and insisting to talk to a manager, the only way I got to speak to a manager was to say that I had information about a big security issue on their servers.

The first manager I spoke to was Kenny, he was very friendly, and straight away told me that IX had an issue on their servers, which was an outdated Php module. … FINALLY someone admitted it was their fault.

During July, August September and October, all my sites were fetting injected every 10 days, every day I would be calling and asking for backups, and everytime I spoke to support they would blame me, as soon as I mentioned that I had spoken to a manager and he addmitted IX had an issue, they would change their story to ” They are working on it”

EVERYONE at IX knew and know what is going on, they ALL know that the issue is on their end, and they all continue to blame customers. Everyday I hoped that things would just get sorted, I had friends and customers that I had recommended to IX start blaming me for what was happening, support was telling them that their folder permissions were the problem, or that they had uploaded a troyan, etc etc.

After 4 years I could not take it any longer, and started to move my sites to another host.. then when I ask for my money back due to the amount of very high downtime, I recieved a letter from “Amanda” saying that and I quote.

This is a problem that has been globally effecting multiple servers throughout the world. As far as compensation, I am very sorry but we will be unable to grant you any credit for this issue. If it was something that we had direct influence over, I would be happy to award you credit…unfortunately, we have no control over this situation.

So, they admit they have a problem on their server that is causing extreme damage to so far almost 80, 000 customer sites, but because they don’t have direct influence over the matter, we can forget a refund that was and still is promised on their web site.

Even if IX web had credited me $150 to pay for my new web hosting, it would have been a kind gesture, instead they chose to kick me when I was down.

Now, for the rest of my life, I will do everything possible to…. Well, let’s just say “Warn Others” ;-]

more info: www.

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  • Ke
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    i have been using ix for the past 3+ yrs and have put in multiple tickets, (34), and it is horrible how they treat their customers. so far it is almost 2 weeks and they still cant get frontpage to work on their servers or they are not trying and i have put in a ticket for management to contact me and they still have not after almost 2 weeks now today. this is absolutely horrible customer service and apparantly no one in management cares after i request them to call

  • Ix
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    seems the same is happening to me right now... the account is loaded with all kind for scripts. and all i do is cleaning the mess... any one can recommend something stable?

  • Ke
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    good info, nice to know people are starting to fight back.has anybody tried getting signed up with tried, they seem to be another trickster also.check out my complaint & tell me what you think.

  • Os
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I asked if the IX server has FrontPage server extensions, and was told it does. I want to design survey forms and a database in Expression Web 3, so I thought IX would be a good place to do it, since the extensions are required for that. I was told when I bought IX that this project would be something I could do with them.

    Today I got the message that “the server you are publishing to does not have Frontpage server extensions.

    So I used Live Chat again. This time I was told IX DO NOT support the Frontpage Server Extensions. This is even though I had been reassured only 2 days previously that yes they do! I signed up for IX and then bought Expression Web 3 especially for these tasks. Does anyone know where to make an official complaint? The higher up the better.

  • Ab
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    This has to be the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to host on, and I have hosted on many being in IT for 30 years, sites down daily, hacked weekly, tech support lying, and I have only been with them for 3 months. PLease dont ever use these people. Your sanity is at stake here.

  • Ih
      25th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've been with IX for just over five years. At first, they seemed to be doing a good job, but the last 12-18 months has been hell. Server down-time is on the rise, while customer support and site access times are going down the drain. All I get are apologies, ridiculous excuses and, last of all, contradictions.
    A couple of days ago I created two support tickets. Two (apparently) different people replied. One said there was nothing wrong with their servers and that they had noticed that one of my graphics files was slowing down web access time (which is ridiculous because until a few days earlier the web site had been working fine). The second "technician" replied saying that they were recovering from a Denial-of-Service attack, and to try again later!
    My personal opinion is that IX Web Hosting is just a pile of ### and their technicians are trained to lie. Internet is a highly competitive arena and I expect (and hope) that they won't take long to close down.
    My advice: don't waste your money on this bunch of sewer rat thieves.

  • Tu
      11th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    They Have disabled my account just because of HIGH traffic, they say that I am on shared server and the CPU usage of the server due to my websites are high and hence they had to disable my website and after repeatedly. They have asked me to go through this ToS when I asked for better clarity, they say I have violated the fair-use agreement. While making the sale all of these was tucked under the carpet... This is the most horrible service provider.

  • Cp
      22nd of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes
    IXWebhosting - No refund -Worst Service
    United States

    Before becoming a customer, read reviews at several sites showing how awful customer support could get with this company. I did literally wait for hours to get minimum support and many times only after complaining I got some help.

    I have been using IXWebhosting for several years, and it's been very frustrating. I could not change to other provider because of different reasons which would have taken time, extra effort and challenges migrating several websites and getting all necessary knowledge to make it work.

    Finally, I decided to do it, and it took me a while to get everything ready with new hosting service, but I did. 10 days ago I directly contacted IXwebhoting billing department and cancelled account. Then I got an email message stating a ticket was created about "request", so my account was not cancelled! It's been 10 day since then. I did send two email messages to Ixwebhosting asking them to please close my account and issue refund as requested 10 days ago. They have only replied once, asking me to confirm the last 4 digits of my credit card! Hey, I did call by phone and provided everything they requested when cancelled my account. Now they wait 10 days and ask me for my credit card number in my profile? Well, I did reply confirming information, but still nothing happened. I cannot waste my time with Ixwebhosting anymore. It's been very frustrating experience for years, and now it couldn't get worse. Nonsense for them to keep my money, like retaliating since I finally stopped using their services.
    Please does seriously think twice before wasting your money, time and peace on IXWebhosting. The almost 6 years I used their services I have seen how gradually worse they have been getting, while increasing their advertisement and inflating their ego, stating there are the best of everything while only got worse. Not good at all!

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