iWritertheft of an iwriter account

I contracted a writer (mwaniki james, +[protected]), to work for me on april 13th, 2018 to write articles for my account named prolificjoe, email address [protected] We agreed on the term, and I provided him with my log in details.
Later that day, I decided to check if he had managed to get any work done. To my surprise, I couldn't log in to the account, and there was no notification of any changes in the iwriter accounts affiliated email.
I confronted the writer, and he has denied any knowledge of changing my accounts details saying he did not sign in on the material day, as his wi-fi had issues, but it's obvious the login details have been changed.
Any help to recover the account and identify the person who changed the login details would be highly appreciated. I have sufficient proof the account belonged to me. This includes the details of the account, and screenshots I had taken earlier.
My email address is [protected]
Thank you.


Apr 17, 2018

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