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Whatever you do do not give this man business He only sells sick pups. I recently bought my English bulldog puppy from Ivan a little over a month ago and since then he's had the parvo virus, from which he almost died, and had to be hospitalized for a week and now has cherry eye. Since he had parvo he is malnourished and now has to catch up to being a regular size pup. All of his shots had to be done all over again. The expense is a hurt but not as much of a hurt as having to know what my dog is going through in his short months on earth. Yea Ivan did pay for the first hospitalization but that was because we caught the virus within the 72 hr window we had to find it. When you go see the puppies he has them in a basement with nothing to show for the parent besides pictures. I should have known there was something wrong just by that but all the pups were so cute. One of the pups thinking about it now was very sick but he covered it up by making up a believable story. He is very good at what he does and could sell pretty much anything to anyone. To me it is honestly a shame that someone would do this to defenseless animals and that is what angers me the most that heartless people scam on the people that do care. I will do anything in my power to take care of my dog because now in my eyes I rescued him and have the means to do so but it must be heart wrenching for the people that can't and get stuck in a situation like this. This business needs to be stopped he is selling puppy mill dogs and it's a very sad thing. For the people that read this spread the word It's the most you could do to save someone else and the pups being mistreated!

Mar 18, 2013
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  • Je
      Mar 25, 2013

    That is a great way to look at the situation, that you saved your dog from a horrible faith. It is sad, that there are so many of those people out there and some are so believable. I was actually thinking of getting a puppy and Im sure the person is a bad door breeder because of all the research I did. And all the knowledge has stopped me from persuing it, but I keep thinking that poor dog, cause you know what their faith will be; either suffering or forced into mass breeding themselves. Its so sad. :(

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  • Na
      Mar 28, 2013

    I met this guy and he tried to impress me with how clean he keeps the area where he keeps the puppies...fine, however he doesn't let them out of the cages! He doesn't see living creatures, only dollar signs. I am so glad you saved that pup, because it was meant to be that you have your pup. Good Luck!

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  • Bo
      Apr 16, 2013

    My brother and his wife went to buy a dog from this 'man' who called himself a breeder. He is NOT. He is a con man. Any good breeder knows that dogs need to be intergrated and socialized. These puppies are adorable but were locked in cages, no parent info available either. It was like going into the back room at a mall pet shop and hoping you got a good my brother didn't buy based on the fact that this guy Ivan and his 'people' are misrepresenting themselves as breeders and are just very shaddy and underhanded.

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  • Di
      Aug 26, 2013

    My brother & Sister in Law bought a puppy from him and within 3 weeks of having the puppy he had to be put to sleep due to hypoplastic treachea!!! They saw two different Vets who both stated that the dog was suffering and would never be healty... that it was just a matter of time... This man only sees dollar signs and does not care for the well being of the dogs they sell. He wanted the puppy back but they refused because at this point he was a family member and they knew that he would only try to RESELL the puppy to another unsuspecting family! Although they only had him three weeks he was very loved and crossed the bridge in the arms of love. He would not pay for any of the doctor visits... nor the costs to euthanize & cremate the puppy... He wants you to only see his Vet in Howard Beach who is in cahoots with him... STAY CLEAR OF THIS GUY!!

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  • Ha
      Mar 06, 2016

    As I am sympathetic to all of your stories I have a 7 year old fawn/white bulldog from Ivan that I was given papers on for the parents etc. I have bred him with others and they were beautiful puppies. My bully has NEVER had any health issues except for a hot spot from me using the wrong doggie shampoo. He is perfect, has been to the vet once a year and has gotten clean bills of health every time. I have nothing bad to say about him. Maybe these issues are a recent occurrence but I have no complaints.

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