iTEKcanada.comPayment made product not shipped and lack of customer service

Week of March 1st 2016
iTEKcanada, 10 du Parc, St-Constant, QC, J5A 1Z5 CANADA
514-MON-ITEK [protected])

Made an online purchase with iTek Canada for some HP ink cartridge. Their website and response email to me indicated that my credit card payment to them was made. Later I went to their website to get a copy of my invoice for submission to my finance department. When I entered the order ID number that iTek provided me, their online system could not find the order.
I then called for support at the number indicated above. At this time after the individual, Antoine, took down all of my info, he indicated that there was nothing he could do for me except direct me to their website to submit a request to them via their email contact, which I did, because apparently all of their support is located in another facility and not accessible to the public.
Their site indicates that you will receive a follow up response within 24 hours, which I did not, and still have not.

Since then I have called them on 2 more occasions and have had no success with them in provide me with information of any kind about my order. I have also sent in another 2 emails to them and have had no response. During the second call to them, Antoine, indicated that someone would call me, but that did not happen.

Rarely do I purchase anything online and in this case I have 'chosen poorly'.

I can appreciate something getting lost in the shuffle but frankly from the lack of response I have received I doubt that they in fact have any kind of supplies to ship out, but are simply defrauding ignorant individuals like myself.

Their website states 'High Level Customer Services. We are here to help ', so far from the truth.

I recommend that you do not make the same mistake as me.

Mar 03, 2016

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