Italian Fall Festa Of Ohio / denied access with service dog

My husband and I went to this Italian Festa in Kettering Ohio with my service dog with papers which i had on me. We arrived at 10.40 am and came through the gate and spoke to the gate attendent and then told were to park we parked our vehicle and my service dog was on a leash note (my service dog is a theriarist dog for me only) anyway's, we walked around the park and finally found out they didn't evn open until 12 noon, so we walked around and found a place to sit at the game benches and several people came by and talked to us and seen the dog and ask to pet her, we told them she was a service dog and showed the papers in my pocket in my jacket. Finally it was 1205 noon so after talking to this couple we decided to walk around looking at all the things going on, we get to this one area and we saw this what we called a renta cop come up to us and told us, the committee wanted us to leave because No dogs allowed, we told the officer look this is a service dog and told him i had every right to be there with my service dog, he kept repeating that we had to leave, that he didn't care the policy is No dog's allowed on the grounds. Several people came up to us and one lady said she trains service dogs and they cannot do that ! So i was so upset an that upset my husband, we walked over to where the officer was and ask the guy at the booth if he was one of the committees that requested us to leave, he shud his shoulders and my husband told him this was a service dog and the guy started yelling at my husband and myself and this guy Said What do you want me to do ? The officer started denying all he said to us and we finally showed him our papers and he just shrud his shoulders and we told him we just might bring a law suite against this commette for denying a service dog or animal, what do you think? I want everybody to bocoyt this festa until something is done for their actions towards a diasblied person with a disablitiy..

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