IT Companies / long working hours with less salary and facilities

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Hi. I am an IT company Employee.. Everyone thinks that IT is great profession and something like that. But it is not. It is really Hectic field to work with. Since we work for less salary, U.S. and other countries outsource the projects. Especially U.S. to Indians. The average working hours itself is 10hours a day. And they pay very less. We work like slaves for U.S. people sitting long hours for less salary. In U.S. there is a LAW for IT professionals. The LAW says that an IT employee should work for 8 hours and has to be paid with atleast the minimum amount of salary(quoted by their govt). But here in India we work for more than 10 hours a day with less salary. 3 to 5 persons' work is loaded to a single person and the pay given to him is very less. We are paid less than 10% of what Clients pays to us. The remaining money is just swallowed by that IT companies. We Indians Ourselves treating us like slaves. Why this LAW cannot be implemented here for IT companies in INDIA.? This LAW should be implemented in INDIA. If Any Lawyer or any person who can take appropriate actions sees this, I would request them to take actions and file a case in court. I wonder why anyone wouldn't have thought of it. Wake up India. We are in wrong path.


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