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Isys Publications,LLC / Very Rude

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Answers: Part 1
From: Barbara Carter <>View Contact
To: LaTonya Armstrong <>


Hi Tonya,

Before I give you any answers, as a professional I must advise you NOT to use all capital letters in the heading of any professional emails. It gives off the intent of yelling...and this is not a situation which requires loud voices.

Now, for the answers:

1) The names are listed alphabetically. Also, I did the odd chapters and you did the even chapters. It was done with the intent to let the reader know which author wrote which character's chapters. There's nothing more to it, so please don't make it any deeper than what's on the surface.

2) Once again, as an author you aren't required to do anything else and as a publisher I'm not required to allow you to do anything else. The cover is still being edited, hence the need to push back the release date, due to a printing error. There is no final book, once again, due to a printing error. While I could send you the images, it would be pointless because they're not final. The last sentence has absolutely nothing to do with Gemini so I won't even address it as a publisher. As far as being out of the loop, you could've easily emailed me a long time ago.

3) There is no way you called me and got sent to don't have my updated number. You can't just sign over your rights, you would need my permission as Diamond Cartel to do so...and I'm not going there. As far as refunds, there aren't any. This is a Diamond Cartel and J. Cartier book, is being edited, promoted, published, and released as a Diamond Cartel and J. Cartier book, and given the laws I can't just take it over and not include you. That is considered copyright infringement and is punishable by up to $250, 000 in fines and 5 years in jail. As the publisher, I cannot and will not allow that. As the author, well, that response will come in a separate email.

4) Finally, stop making this personal. Please, for the love of Mike, research the publishing industry, author rights, publisher rights, publishing laws, and copyright laws and you will see that I am doing everything by the book (no pun intended). If you would like to discuss this verbally, please send your contact number and I will give you a call during business hours at my earliest convenience.

Artistically yours,

Barbara Carter, CEO
Isys Publications LLC/Operation: I.D.E.A.

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  • Si
      15th of Oct, 2010
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    Isys Publications,LLC - Unprofessional
    Isys Publications,LLC
    United States

    Fri, October 15, 2010 3:38:27 PMAnswers: Part 2...
    From: Diamond Cartel Add to Contacts
    To: LaTonya Armstrong


    **...and yes, I'm PISSED!**


    After reading your email three words came to my personal mind: What the ###?

    Are you seriously going to come at me like that? Do you know how much HELL I've been through trying to get this ###ing project off the ground? Do you know how many times I wanted to say screw it all and scrap the entire manuscript?! Do you know how many people would NOT let me do it?! And that's not speaking as the publisher...that's just speaking flat out as B!

    You want answers, well here you go. Just remember you asked for it!

    1) Does it really matter who's name goes first? If it does, tell me now and I'll reverse it. Matter of fact, I'll make yours uber large and mine miniscule! Will that make you feel better? Truth be told, I don't give a damn where my name is; be it on the cover, the back, or only on the inside. I'm not so pressed about the placement of where "Diamond Cartel" is seen so long as at the end of the day I get my 7%!

    2) If I would have known you would be so pissed about being left out of the production of this book I would have let you stay up hours on end editing, going through over 100 emails to find a book cover designer, query 20 printers for quotes, scout for local promoters, email letters to book stores...and get the runaround from them, amongst all the other BS I had to deal with as an author AND a publisher! I would say that I'll keep that in mind for the next time, but I already swore to myself that I would not to go through this hell again! And for the last time, our personal split has nothing to do with it! You're starting to sound like a nagging ex-girlfriend! We fell out. We moved on with out lives. ### happens. Leave it at that...and quit bringing Nicole into this. Yes, she's my bestie and I love her to death, but only I can think, act, and speak for B! And another thing...why are people calling me, FB-ing me, tweeting me about our fall out? I haven't told anyone about it so that means the info must be coming from you. I already dislike explaining myself as it is; but can you please STOP telling people I won't talk to you because you won't leave your husband or whatever other excuses you're using!?

    3) I think this was explained thoroughly enough in the Isys email.

    4) There is no way I'm signing over anything, nor will I let you do it! After all the hell I went through, this book IS GOING to come out! When I tried to scrap it no one would let me...I mean NO ONE! So what makes you think that because you took a courage pill and decided to get all ill about the subject that I'm going to put my tail between my legs and buckle under your commands? I don't think so! I will make a deal with you though. After a year, I'll sign off on a seize and desist request to halt sale of Gemini. One year. Twelve months. That's Octobe 2011. After that, it'll be over. Until then, you do your promotional thing, and I'll do mine. You don't need to have me present for any shows, events, book signings...none of that! Your name is on it and you have just as much rights to the book as I do. Therefore, you do whatever you want to with Gemini. If you want, I'll even ask the designer to make another cover with your name first. That way you can order and sell those at you discretion. Email Isys if that's what you want.

    In conclusion, and I'm REALLY pissed I had to go here with you, I over-stand your plight. I over-stand your irritation. However, I will not sit by and allow you to run all over me after all the ### I went through on EITHER side of the fence to make YOUR ###ing dream come true. If this is the thanks I get for believing in you...then I'll pass. I didn't take over Gemini. Isys didn't take over Gemini. I didn't sign on for this just for ### and gigges. I didn't even intend...nor expect...for any of this to happen. You had a story. I helped you develop that story. We wrote that story TOGETHER with the OVER-STANDING that YOU could separate business and personal. Isys edited, fixed, and PAID (or PAID BACK) for everything in connection to that story. Now you want to sign over your rights and expect restitution for your people? *clears throat* ### THAT! The ten...yes, a measly ###ing ten, copies that people have bought thusfar will be sent out whenever Isys gets this book cover ordeal fixed. After that, I don't care if you don't shop it to another soul. Personally, I already wrote it off as a waste of my time, energy, and money. Now that I know how you really feel...I guess I can say the same about my belief in a person and as an author.

    If I had any active feelings, I'd be really hurt right about now. Given the industry I decided to enter, they're turned off...with the exception of certain people. I trusted you to keep your word. I tried to help you both personally and professionally. I bent over backwards, sideways, and upside-down to not only encourage your talent, but to help you show it to the world. Now because of a name placement and not being able to pull your hair out through production you want to fold and sign over your rights? As much as I want to say "go kill yourself", I won't. You have a family to take care of, and that's just plain out evil. Karma's not getting be back for that. However, I will say that our personal, and professional, relationship has officially flat-lined. After this year, less if the book goes without selling for three consecutive months, we have nothing else to say to each other. I really, truly hope it was worth it.

    ...and don't even bother responding. Outside of publishing, I'm done!


    Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 15:52:47 -0700
    Subject: I NEED ANSWERS

    Hello Barbara,

    I am writing this email out of concern and confusion. And I hope that I can get some answers soon.
    On your Diamond Cartel page is that suppose to be the final cover for the book? If so I see that you switch our names. you switch your name to being first and my name is second. I did come to you about Gemini and it was a joint effort. And i enjoyed every moment of writing it. I did not even receive an email saying hey LaTonya this is the Finally draft of the cover . I had to see it on your page.

    Through this process you haven't included me in anything. You have took control of Gemini and ran with it. No final copy of the book, No final draft of the cover. And on top of that i have no clue what's going on with the book. when the book is suppose to be released . Something has come up and the release date has been pushed back again. In the beginning of this project i was helping as much as i could and i had say too. every since this broke between the three of us. I have been treated like a nobody.

    Really as much as i would like to see Gemini be a bestseller . I Don't want to see it under these terms. I worked just as hard as you and made sacrifices just like you. and the things that you are doing are unacceptable. talking to me through email. I called you and you sent me to vm. It's real simple you don't have to deal with me any longer. I am prepared to legally sign over Gemini to you . Because it seems like it's more of your project than ours. Please be expecting if i sign over my rights mypeople will be expecting there money back. They were supporting us . Not just me!

    All I want to know is what's going on ? Im tired of being in the dark. I don't deserve this treatment . I am taking my hands of this and giving it over to God. I don't have to slander your name or your company. Anything i have done to hurt you or disrespect you . I am truly sorry and I hope you forgive me. Life is to short im not tryin to be your enemy or foe. I wish you much success in everything you do.

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