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Isuzu / I will never recommend the Suzuki dealership

1 Fort Campbell, KY, United States
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About three years ago my husband and I were in the market for a new vehicle.. We had lived over 10 years and a single car family and the only vehicle we had, finally decided to stop working.. With our growing family we decided that we needed something bigger, this of course meaning we would have to be willing to spend more money..

We were not in the best position with our past history so we were referred to Nashville Suzuki on Bell road because we had been told they were in more of a position to provide us with decent financing options.. We were actually quite excited to have found an option so quickly so we wasted no time in making the hour drive from Fort Campbell to purchase a vehicle..

Since our financing options were not the best, we were limited on the car we could get that would fit within our given budget. Nashville Suzuki had a 2004 Rodeo with just a bit over 17, 000 miles on it appearing to be in great condition.It was exactly what we needed for us and our three children..

A thousand dollar deposit was required to approve the financing and when we informed the dealer that we would have to return to him in a month and hope they still had the vehicle when we got our tax return he assured us that would not be a problem.. According to him it was perfectly acceptable for them to hold a post-dated check for the 45 days it would take for us to receive our return.. He also agreed to let us call him on the date it was received and OK his deposit of our post dated check.. We were thrilled that he was so accommodating but later we would find out this was just the start of our problems..

Two weeks after purchasing our vehicle my husband was called to his Team Sergeants office with a letter from his Commander concerning a bounced check to Nashville Suzuki in the amount of one thousand dollars.. Needless to say we were deeply upset that not only had the dealer failed to follow the instructions he agreed to but that he had repeatedly notified my husbands Chain of Command despite his obvious fault in the matter..

We immediately contacted the dealer and not only were they uncooperative but rude.. The man we had dealt with directly was not in the office and we were treated poorly but the few people they allowed us to speak with.. After a few phone calls, messages, and threats to go to the Nashville newspapers the original dealer called and said he would wait for us to bring a cash payment to the dealership in exchange for the check.. While this resolved the matter, you can not undo what damage it caused.. . The fact that my husband had to be reprimanded for something clearly beyond his control was just very embarrassing for him, not to mention an unnecessary risk to his career..

Two years after purchasing this vehicle, we began to have serious mechanical issues with it.. Aside from the hood not opening and the engine light coming on at random(all issues we contacted the dealer about, which were dismissed with simple explanations)the car simply stopped working.. The mechanic we took it too believed that this was the result of previous major engine repair, that was done poorly.. He told us that the poor reassembly of the cams seemed to be what caused the pins to be sheared ruining the pully, cam.. Every part near the engine.. He quite simply said that cars did not have that kind of damage without tampering or possibly very negligent manufacturers defects.I have been unable to find any particular information about manufacturers issues where this vehicle is concerned but at this point, I will definitely be exploring that... We spent $2800 to bring the car to working condition, as we just could not afford the expense of a new vehicle...

About two days ago my husband and I were driving (alone, thankfully) down a very busy street in our city when the car once again stopped working.We heard a pop and something fell out of the bottom of a car.. Once again, we were at the mercy of another mechanic facing even more repair costs.This time he said the cam shaft in the car had exploded.. As far as he could tell, the part was defective but had caused significant collateral damage to the vehicle.. The only remedy for this was to replace the engine or at least rebuild a portion of it.. All of this at the minimum cost of Three thousand dollars up to Five Thousand dollars.. At this point, we are facing either the repair of this vehicle in the amount of the balance we own on it, or to saddle ourselves with more debt in the form another vehicle while STILL paying off a car we can't even drive... Vehicle issues can never come at a good time, but the timing of this is especially unwelcome as my husbands car was left in North

Carolina while TDY in need of a new transmission...

I firmly believe that the vehicle we were sold, was not properly represented to us at the time of purchase.. I not only use the research I have done to form this opinion but the knowledge of two seperate mechanics as well.. We had issues with this dealership as well as the vehicle from day one and I really do feel that we were taken advantage of.. I am sure this is not the first or last time in the history of the world OR this Suzuki dealer that this will happen but that doesn't make it any less insulting..

My husband has served his country as a part of the US Army for fifteen years, to include three tours in Iraq.. It is nothing short of shameful to see a man who works so hard for his money preyed upon by the very people who pretended to want to help us, even thanking him for his service as they took our money for this worthless car.. I would say that we are ALL worthy of fair treatment where the spending of our hard earned money is concerned but certainly these men who hang their lives in the balance of their work, are worth more than such deceptive trade practices..

I personally run a military wives group of over 100 women.. Quite often these women and families seek referrals for auto dealerships, realtors.. Just about anything someone might need to begin their lives here at Fort Campbell.. I think it's safe to say that I will never recommend the Suzuki dealership on Bell Rd. or anyone else affiliated with Suzuki.. I hate to place the blame on Suzuki alongside the men running this dealership but any company that would permit anything of this sort to happen, has to assume some portion of the blame..

With the experience we had, I shutter to think of the other families this may have happened to.. I can only hope that the level of service has improved since we purchased our vehicle.. I would hate for anyone else to be in this position..

-Your Car-less and swindled consumers, The Parkers


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