Ismail / staff services giving your company a bad name

1 Cape Town, South Africa

To whom it may concern

Last night 21/06 @ 11:45 i made a call to your customer service help line number to have service assistance for airtime converted to data
- loaded air time
- dialed *111#
of which from there i acted on as above mentioned airtime convert to data
my request did not happen and i called service line
~ call thru and connected with agent (not even of what i can call home for agent working for your business environment services
~ at first i though im thru to a different number as the agent spoke to me (
( not once / twice / thrice ) in a language and if i requested to speak to agent in Xhosa
~ i said Xcuse me (not uderstanding what she say in her language and then there was a big raw of people laughing in the background
~ that when it all triggered me as to why people in the background having a uproar with laughter (which i did not find it amusing at all thinking the staff having fun should the call be listen to the QA will hear what fun people having

# whats your name...i asked the lady and she said Busi (quite an obnoxious Xhosa lady adornment sticking to her mother/father tongue language which i did not find amusing

At that time i was bothered for the service I'm getting at VODACOM CCC
All that i merely needed was to have my data availed to me after loading up airtime to my fone

Well to get to my frustration the i requested to speak to someone that can relate to me in an International language instead of having a language barrier thinking service will be rendered

~ @ that time the call was put thru to a gentlemen quite apologetic to what i endure with Busi and assisted me in a language quite understandable international language "ENGLISH'

I personally challenge this matter to be looked into and view my grievance of service received of which i am still not capable of logging onto my social media as whatsapp using my handheld device airtime convert to data

~ @ 00:001 Lance March (Cape Town base agent) advised me what he will do as to sync my handheld device as he can see the data is but not knowing why i cant use whatsapp

I have used my personal mobile [protected] call can be trace and can be listened to


Jun 22, 2017

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