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I came to Canada on 19th April 2012 midnight .
This incident took place on 18th April 2012 at around 6:30 pm at Shah Jalal International Airport .
Before I passed the check in at Dhaka Airport I encountered a shocking incident that hurt me tremendously .
One staff who was in the check in ( I didnt see his name ) saw my passport & said that my Canadian student visa was fake . I showed him all the papers from the university & then he went upstairs to get it verified . He told me it would take 5 minutes but I was kept standing over there for around 30-45 minutes . Then he came back & told me that my visa is ok . I just said to him that yes the visa is fine but it was very embarrasing to stand here for this long as all the people were staring at me . He then proceeds to say that You ( Me ) have no idea what would the consequences be . Then he pushed away my luggage & said you cant go today & told me that my attitude was wrong . I asked him what was the wrong thing I did & he yelled at me saying '' Look man you got piecings in your ears, you have long hairs in the back of the head & you have fancy beards doest make you smart or something '' . This things that he said was way too much personal & I think there was no need for him to say all these things about my personal choices . Then my father tried to make him understand that it was a misunderstanding but he behaved badly with my father as well . Later on he said to my father '' Your son havent yet reached Canada & he is behaving like a Canadian '' . Then my father cooled him down ( for no reason ) & then he proceeded to allow me to get passed the check in .

I want to seek attention of the reader that this whole incident effected my whole long journey as it was a mental pressure that I went through thinking that I would miss my flight . I just want this kind of incident not to happen to anybody as it is everyone's personal choice as what they should wear or what they should have in their body ( piercing, hairstyle, beard ) & I guess everyone has the freedom to mind their own business . I want you to take action on this thing that happened .

Yours sincerely,
Ishtiaque Mahmud Arnob
Kamloops, British Columbia


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