Isbell Family Dentistry PADental work over charge and bought parchell then pulled tooth and set me home caring my parchell in a cup..

I went to Dr. Tom Isbell to get a parchall. First he had them cleaned. Then he capped a tooth. he put me on a special tooth paste kit 4 times in 2 months. Then he had a parchell made. after that he pulled a bottom tooth. I had to go back 3 times because of bone fragments and infection. bone is still trying to come threw my gums. Then he put a filling in the tooth he connected the parchell to. After more pain I went back and he said we have to pull that tooth I filled. We'll have to have another tooth put in your parchell. I went back today and had the tooth pulled he had filled and took my parchell with me for him to send off. Well the new tooth in the parchell would have to be connected to the tooth that was capped. So he filed the capped tooth down some. When I start to leave I ask if he wants my parchell to send off. He saids no we have 5 more fillings to do yet. so now here I am only 7 top teeth and a capped one that might have to be pulled, a parchell that won't fit because of pulled teeth, 9 bottom teeth that which he saids 4 needs fillings done first before bottom parchell can be made. my Dental card is over the limit, I have wrote checks for 6 or 7 hundred dollards. I asked him to just pull the rest of them and he said no. I have been treated unfairly, I have been fincalily ripped off and the pain and suffering is unreal for a human to have to go threw.

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