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I was scheduled for equipment installation on feb 14, 2007. Installation was to be between 8 am and 12 pm. I received an automated call on feb 12 verifying the appointment. At about 12:30 pm on the 14th i called direct tv to ask why the installer had not shown. After several conversations with different people, i was told by "angelica" that the work order had been misrouted and could not be completed today. I asked to speak to a supervisor but she said they were all busy. She did give me an e-mail address ("") to file a complaint.

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  • Ma
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    I had a similar, but worse, experience with a Dish Network contract installer on March 4. He was supposed to arrive between 8:00 and 12:00. So the guy shows up at 11:30. He takes a look around and tells me because of the trees around my house, there won't be adequate signal to install the dishes. I ask why he doesn't use one of those little meters they use to determine satellite location. But the installer says he can tell just by looking if I will have an adequate signal. I thought that was the end of that and that the installer would be leaving. But suddenly he has this bright idea that he can retrofit my current dish from Direct TV to work with Dish Network's satellite, and since this was an HDTV installation, install a second dish on the side of my garage roof. I asked him if he was sure that would work. He said he was sure. So he mounts the second dish on the side of my roof and puts in new receivers into my existing dish. He then fiddled around with the system for 3 1/2 hours before telling me "It's not going to work. I have to leave because I only get paid for successful installations, and now I'm losing money." When I asked if he would be uninstalling the new dish and reconfiguring and connecting my old dish, the installer said "You don't want to be connected to your old dish, do you?" When I replied that that was exactly what I wanted, he reluctantly agreed to do so. About 5 minutes later, he's down from the roof and is telling me he has to go before jumping in his van and rushing off before I can inspect what he did. After climbing up on my roof, I see that he has left and the new cabling in place and just hacked it off at both ends and connected a spliced piece to my old dish. So I have loose cabling flopping around in the breeze. In addition, he also left the mounting bracket for the new dish screwed to my roof. I called his supervisor to complain. So the next day the loser comes out and removes the unused cabling, but leaves holes in my roof from the mounting screws and doesn't even take off the mounting bracket. Not wanting this unfortunate person in a position to do any more damage to my house, I am forced to climb up there, remove the mounting bracket, and fill the holes in my roof so I don't have any leaks.

    When I explained the situation to Direct TV's sales reps, who kept calling, he offers his sympathies and doesn't understand how I got such a poor installer. But he wants me to sign up for yet another installation, saying that they would bring out their best "international installer" this time. I asked why they sent me a very poor contract installer in the first place, but didn't get a straight answer. So I told the sales rep I wasn't interested. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally had to hang up on him. Direct TV is supposed to have the best HDTV offerings. But their installation service is worse than awful.

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    I lost my signal to both my receivers Tue. night. I called Wed. for a repair appointment and talked to a nice man. He stated that I was eligable for a HD upgrade with DVR and st the install for Fri AM. He setup a repair order for Thur. afternoon. A repair person showed up approx 5:15 pm. He looked at the setup I had and stated that it had been very badly done and it would take him a couple of hours to find the problem and since I was having an upgrade "New" system installed Fri could I wait until then to get my Direct TV opperational. I said "OK" and he left quickly! Fri the installer "Mark" came out and looked at my setup and said he did not have a DVR order or the unit to do the install and that I would have to purchase a DVR unit (Which I did, after a few phone calls). Then "Rayleen"(Who was VERY helpful as well as "Mark" installer) Stated that she moved the NEW order for install up to Fri. afternoon. I still did not have any signal!!!! Then I was called on Sat afternoon to confirm my next Tue. appointment. I lost it!! And I started making phone calls to Ironwood Comm. and Direct TV complaining about their service. I talked to reps and Supervisors but to no avail. SAo I resigned my self to waiting until Tue for everything to be taken care of. The next thing I knew was a Direct TV/ Ironwood installer was at my front dooor to do the install. #5516 installer was very efficient, polite and quick. He installed the new units move my other system(TIVO) to the bedroom (I had a tuner only there). I do NOT HAVE any complains against "Mark, Rayleen or #5516 installer. The Office people at Ironwood NEED HELP in costomer Service!!!!!! Some of the installers need to be shown how to take care of problems while they are at the customers house and not try to get out of doing the work necessary to make the customer happy!!! On the whole I have been HAPPY with the equipment and Tech service Direct TV has provided!! Ironwood Comm. their contract people need some HELP!!!

  • Be
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I had your service at my House in March 11 thrugh 15
    i had 2 repairmen comming they worked upstairs in my master bedroom, they made a mess of my Carpet,
    Jose is comming to Clean the carpet April 18-2008 is this normal an Employe is Cleaning insted of a Cleaning co, please let me know
    Bent Lerno.
    Directv Account # 20110031

  • Lo
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    I was just watching T.V and it went out, WHY? It is 10 after 2am it went out at 2am. It is saying I don't have that channel on all! Again WHY!

  • La
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    Wow what a crock this ironwood company is! I had an install scheduled for this morning. They didn't show. When i called they said my husband had called and rescheduled the appointment. Ha! My husband didn't even know about it, since this High Def installation was supposed to be for his birthday! Called Direct TV, they couldn't help, tho Tony was very nice. Called Ironwood, who admitted (after arguing with my that my husband indeed called them) that prob one of their techs called in on the customer line and made up some dumb lie about us cancelling...of course, now they can't get here until 2 weeks from now...well past my husband's birthday. Direct Tv, if you want to keep your customers happy you had better get a contract with a reliable and reputable company of installers. This one was unbelievable!

  • Fe
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    instalation of equipment i was told by dish network that they could set up the equipment with an exstention to the dish they were in the process of setting up a dish for my neighbor next door.I called direct tv for a price quote and we agreed with the understanding that the equipment would be set up by friday the 17.somebody from iron would communication came out while i was not here and stated that there was no direct line witch is incorrect.I want to be contacted by a supervisor to discuss setting up the equipment asap, again i was not present for a tech yesturday so how can they make this clame? please conntach me immediatly

  • Mi
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I called a installer by the name of Elmer Mc Ray since he did good work in the first installation. He informed me that when I needed repair I should call him direct. I know the nane is correct since he gave me his card for direct calling. I had a problem with a remote and he showed up and charged me $55.00 for a new one. He did not program it and when I informed him of this he told me he would return the next day to do it. Well that was 8 months ago plus after 29 phone calls with out any return calls from him. I think you need to upgrade your tecs and have more responsibility to the clients. Iplaced another call today8/11/09 and guess what no return call again. I notice you generate a large amount of bad will with ytour present procedures, Mabe it time for a change to a company that respects and serves there clients instead of one thyat takes the money and runs

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