IronChain Capital / Project 555Link rot

It's always interesting if the founders check websites before launching them?
Do they click each link or just leave everything as it is?
I was looking through the IronChain Capital website and clicked the Help button. It said that this page is not found. What should I think?
My first impression was: wow, these guys provided detailed descriptions of their processes and strategies, it's such a rare thing, maybe I'll give them a chance.
Just in case I checked their contacts and what the Help page contains as well. And it happened, the page doesn't exist.
Is it a problem? Yes, it is. The website has to run like clockwork.
If it comes to investing money I will surely check absolutely everything before contacting a firm. And errors, mistakes and stuff like that change my mind. If they don't care about it, why would I care about investments in them?

Nov 27, 2018

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