Iron Man Gym Pro / Iron Man Gym Pro

1 ME, United States

I bought the Iron man gym pro pull up bar. After connecting it with the safety wedge to a very sturdy door frame.. I began using it. After two weeks of use i was using the pull up straps. I weigh 180 lbs and its rated for up to 300 lbs. The back foam plastic like bar let go in the middle of the work out sending me crashing almost head first to the floor. I still have the piece of equipment with the broken bar. I have witnesses who were there when this happened. After several trips the the chiropractor and the ER it seems the fall caused extreme damage to my back ( especially upper) and neck. After 20, 000 in medical expenses I'm on four rounds of prednisone. After this the only thing left is cortisone shots to the spine/ and or surgery. I plan on suing the company for damages and physical distress that has altered my whole life. I can't do physical therapy because my back is so messed up their is no way to strengthen it without further damage to my spine, , This is a deadly piece of equipment... all my doctors agreed I'm lucky my spine wasn't severed.

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