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I have aked them nicely several times to remove me from there email lists and they sent me back threatening messages saying that they were going to foward my email to the the Federal goverment and that I was a pedophile for not wanting to pay them three dollars a month for their gay porn sites.
They refuse to disconnect my account and are total jerks and want him shut down!


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      Jun 28, 2010

    I have also ask them to remove my profile, they do false advertising to get you on the site, once you have signed on there is no way to remove your profile. I ask them nicely to remove mine and the answered back that I was an ignorant inbred for asking.

    Does anyone know how to find them, I want to confront them personally.


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  • A
      Aug 10, 2010

    We need to get everyone to report him to the FTC. If you have asked him to remove you from his mailing list and get no results you can report him and the FTC will follow up on it. you will have to copy and paste this link. Here is a story of the court taking care of people like this

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  • D
      Jan 07, 2011

    i also have asked them to stop. they threatened me with turning me in for trying to get child porn...i have had my email high jacked several times from them as well and i know it was from them because they sent stuff to all of my contacts including one to a work email

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  • V
      Apr 16, 2011

    They are creeps, they have mailed my cousin since he was 12, if anyone is a pedophile they are. We have both reported them for years to no avail, I suppose the FCC is on Ironclads payroll!

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