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As the owner of Violet Meadow Farms Irish Jacks...I am stunned at the defammation of a woman who had the love, vision and tenacity to follow her dream over ten years ago and risk it all to bring these lovely, spirited and remarkable dogs to so many. My dogs are the light of my life and without Susans help I would be living a life with much less joy. I have visited Susan many times and the joy she has in her work is always present when you see her playing and laughing at the puppies antics...She also has on many occasions taken back adult dogs of elderly or even deceased owners who are no longer able to care for them.This is not the profile being bandied about in those negative postings. I think that we all have to take a breath and see this situation for what it employee who has come to the end of the road with a woman who opened a whole new world to him..paid him..taught him and together they spent five years bringing joy to all of us that were fortunate enough to get one of their pups . It is sometimes hard to let go and the postings seem full of sadness and jealousy...I know that Susan is never one to dwell in the past and I think we all need to retire this petty nonsense and let this woman continue to do what she did before anyone else ...choose remarkable, fine Irishjack puppies and be afforded the respect, privacy and the goodwill she has shown to so many of us...scatter kindness...

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  • Mi
      6th of Feb, 2013

    Where do your dogs come from in Ireland? Can you provide us with the name of the breeder?

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  • Di
      7th of Feb, 2013

    Olive Dempsey (Ireland) has supplied many puppies, probably hundred's... to brokers in the USA peddling brokered pups as JRT's. At one time, OD had a website and on it she stated she worked with this broker. The broker/breeder/ also had information on their site in years past confirming same. Most of what I ave seen coming from OD has no consistency in color, size, coat type, height, weight, build, eye color, temperament etc. Some do in fact look like what is recognized as a JRT. However, most look like small shepherds, corgi's, chihuahuas, patterdales, fell terriers, poodle mixes etc. Do your homework if you want a Jack Russell Terrier and do it VERY carefully if you desire one from Ireland and/or Irish lineage.

    It is not an easy task to convince someone what you are saying is credible. But if they have already been taken advantage of... it is three times harder to convince them of that. Funny thing - but oh so true.

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  • Wi
      3rd of May, 2013

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