irishjacks / Violet Meadow Farm/Susan Sarao

1 NJ, United States

I have known and worked with Susan Sarao for many years and am the fortunate owner of her irish jack russell pups. I contacted Susan out of the blue after seeing an ad for her pups in a local saddle shop...I met Susan and explained that I was looking for an adult dog and that I was financially compromised but would givehe any dog a wonderful loving home on my small farm. She brought me my Fancy Pants and said that finding loving homes for her dogs was her main focus. My Fancy Pants, who was and is a picture postcard icon of a classic Irish jack shortie, did not fare well in a household with young children...this has nothing to do with breeding or socialization...I know many humans who do not bode well young toddlers...Susan came to my home and checked it out and me, I might add to make sure that Fancy Pants would be in a safe and loving environment...only then did I get my loving and devoted companion. These have been difficult times for many of us...I would like to think that a person who has brought so much joy yo so many must be given the same lattitude we afford to other professions..In over ten years of business I think Susan has made it a source of pride that her reputation and referrals have had her at the very top of the Irishjack community..Let us see these vitriolic postings for what they are...and let Susan and Violet Meadow Farms get back to doing what they do best...bringing love and companionship to hundreds with these little dogs with hearts and bravado that rival any breed...

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