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To whom it may concern:

I am a parent at the above mentioned school. My started this year at IR in grade 2 & he comes from Sharonlea Primary. I decided to change him because we had moved to Randburg.

I just want to give you a background of this issue when it started till to date the status quo. From the begging of the year his teacher suggested he repeat grade 2 & when I asked why she said he’s immature & young. She suggested that he should be 8 years in grade 2. I then told her that Sharonlea never had a problem with his age & he passed well & did well in all his tests. This is the first term am talking about. I was kind of shocked because she didn’t even give him a chance, he had just moved to a new school. Left his friends behind & the environment was new.

I asked his teacher Mrs. Subramoney how can I help him. I asked should I get him extra lesson at Kip McGrath or Kumon & her response was “it’s not a matter of not knowing it’s just that he’s immature & there isn’t much we can do we’ll just have to wait on him to mature & that given enough time he does the right thing but he’s slow ”. I asked them isn’t the syllabus at Sharonlea the same the syllabus at IR, they said it is however, their grade 1’s are taught grade 2 work & their grade 2’s are taught grade 3 work. I then told them if that’s the case why do they not tell us this when we apply to the school so we can make an informed decision. They couldn’t answer that. I then told them if that was the case them my son was the right age for grade 2 because he was 7 & doing grade 3 work which maybe that why he was slow in finishing his work. She also mentioned that he was the youngest because all the children in her class were 8 years with the exception of one girl who comes from another school as well.

After the first term I took his book from grade one for the teachers concerned to make a comparison. When I met them a few weeks later they said some of the work he did last year in grade 1 they were only going to start with it in the 2nd term. I couldn’t understand how does a child who blossomed under Sharonlea can be so dismal the following year in a few month, because it was practically 2 months & they had judged him & made a conclusion that he was not going to grade 3. I don’t understand how this works because she has a child same grade and her date of birth is 31/12/2008. How is this child different or older than a child born in January 2009?

I stopped going to these meetings with these teachers because I could see all they were pushing was that my son repeat grade 2. I could see it was their only agenda & I was just tired of hearing the same thing without being given solutions or alternatives to help him besides that he should repeat.

Third term they kept on harassing me asking me to come meet them & when I don’t sign the message book they harass my son. Punishing him & keeping him for break detention for both breaks without eating. Worse decision I’ve ever made was to take my IR.

I have called the department of education in Braamfontein & Nombulelo gave me another number that just rings for Mr. Emmanuel or someone. My son has been so miserable this year because he is sent from pillar to post if he doesn’t do something. There’s a “boogie man” Mrs. Mia who they threaten him with her if he doesn’t do something or when I don’t sign these letters that they harass me with.

Two weeks back they asked to see us. His father went & was told that the department has suggested that he repeats grade 2. When I tell them we are not accepting that recommendation they then say we can appeal the decision. I asked them for the name of the person in the department that has made this recommendation so I could talk to them. They couldn’t give me a name. Mrs. Lopes who is arrogant & thinks she owns the school replied calling me madam. I replied telling her to address me correctly because am not her madam. I think she sometime forgets that she doesn’t own that school, she is there to offer us a service & we are her customers as parents of IR. I am not the only parent complaining about this school & something has to be done. I have decided to take my son out of that school for his own sanity. Mr. Dube later this year complained about one of the grade 6 teachers Miss Ras & am sure there are more complaints.

Can someone please assist.

Jan 09, 2015

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