Irena Yeater / Chihuahua

1 Deltona, FL, United States
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We contacted Irena about her chihuahua puppies she had for sale. She said her mom was the one breeding them and she had the flu, so she was selling them for her. She gave us an address in Deltona which she said was her brothers house-and said to hurry and come that afternoon because there were a lot of people interested and she didn't know how long they would be available. She said she was taking them that day to get their shots and we could come after. When we got there (to her "brothers house") there were several surveillance cameras set up in the house. There was also a young guy there who she kept screaming at to get the dogs food out of HER bedroom. (not sure why she has a bedroom at her brothers house, but ok.) We left with a puppy and she made it very clear that we need to take him to be checked by our vet within 48 hours, so we did and he appeared to be healthy. The next day our puppy was acting sick, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic. We took him to the vet and he ended up staying in the Emergency clinic for 5 days. They weren't sure exactly what was wrong with him other than hypoglycemia and being "sick", but there was clearly more going on. We finally got him home and nursed him back to health. Over the next few weeks we had several more illnesses- including an upper respiratory infection, ear infections, conjunctivitis, and the vet told us only one of his testicles had dropped. Which would require invasive surgery during the time we choose to neuter him to find it in his abdomen.

Then things took an even WORSE turn. He started to lose hair on his face, neck and leg. I made him an appt for the next day, but that night he started acting strange. He was having facial twitches and foaming out of his mouth about every hour or 2. At the vet we had LOADS of tests done and we were referred to a neurologist. He concluded that the puppy had a brain abnormality with little chance of survival. Things got worse and he started having these seizures every 10 minutes, which ultimately led to euthanasia.

This was the most traumatic, devastating experience for us and our family. Out of curiosity I googled Irena's name- which was on the paperwork she gave us when we got the puppy. (which is weird...if she was doing this for her mom)
The information I found when I looked her up left me in complete shock. Apparently we are not the only people she has sold an unhealthy animal to. And it makes perfect sense now why she would lie about being the breeder herself.. because if we had looked her up we definitely wouldn't have gone through with getting a puppy from her.

I sent her a message letting her know what had happened and offered to send her all the vet reports. She told me I had to do an autopsy and if I want to get another dog from her to send her the autopsy. I said an autopsy will cost more than a refund and I do NOT want another dog from you. After she stopped responding to my texts I called her and she answered the phone with "What do you want" and "I'm busy at the nail salon" and hung up on me.
CLEARLY she wasn't concerned... what a horrible "breeder"
She later sent me some nasty text messages where I stopped responding because obviously she wasn't going to start caring.

Our puppy died at 4 months old!! This is so unfair to these animals and families. This monster needs to be stopped!!!

She also goes by Irena Zenatova, Irena Graham

May 8, 2017

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