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I.Q. International / Failure to Notify

1 Kennewick, WA, United States

IQ data place a collection on my account over 2 years ago. I was never contacted or notified in anyway. The debt was not owed. The apartment community was paid in full and given a security deposit. Neither the aparment community or IQ Date ever made one attempt to notify me. I left forwarding information with the aparment community. I had a large business in the town and an attorney still in the town as my registered agent. They had my rental application with business name, contacts and cell phone information. When I finally noticed the collection I called them and they told me that if I just paid it that they would remove it from my credit report like it never happened. Like an idiot, I paid it. Only then did I find out that it now appears as a "collection paid" on my account which I guess is like admission of guilt because it made my score worse. When I called them to ask why it wasn't removed I was first told that the new girl "M" shouldn't have told me that. After a while I was finally told again that they would "Bullseye It" off my credit. When I called back aweek later to verify I was told that they canceled it but that it is up to the credit bureu to update it on my credit. When I asked why they didn't tell me that and tell me 2 months before I paid them what would really happen, the lady got an attitude with me. Further, when I asked why they never informed me of the debt or tried to verify it when they took it from the aparment community I was told that they were not given any information from the aparment community. When I asked how they could place a collection on my account with out information a supervisor came on the phone who eventually hung up on me because she couldn't answer my question.


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