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Brand name items, like the iPhone, are not sold on Alibaba. If after sending out a request to buy the iPhone on Alibaba, you get email responses, (not from Alibaba) you are dealing with someone that got your email somehow and is trying to scam you. Anyone wanting to sell you a brand name item via an email stemming from a bid to buy something sent out on Alibaba is a scam artist. If they only accept Western Union, they are scam artists. No matter how good the information looks that they give you, it must be checked out via a third party. You cannot assume that Chinese people want to do honest business. The scammer's info will be incomplete, with something funny about it.

Jan 25, 2015
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  • Ra
      Mar 09, 2009

    this company is scam - they have no stock

    The person behind it is Patrick De Swert

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  • Ra
      Mar 09, 2009

    16 days ago by Didier +1 Votes
    I can agree on what it says above! They pulled these scemes many times on hardworking Belgian citizens and are now on the run for the Belgian police. If Mr. Nico De Swert has a big mouth and wants prove...I have prove that these guys are scammers. Apparently they are involved now in 'wholesale' scams. is Patrick De Swert's website, watch out for these frauds!
    16 days ago by Opgelicht482 +1 Votes
    @ Patrick de Swert & Nico de Swert : do we need to remind you of sites such as and others where there is a list of people who paid for an iPhone, but never received one ??? Not one, not 10, but hundreds of victims, just google "" and plenty of sites where people who have paid in advance for an iPhone and never received it, nor got their money returned to them, just google and you'll find plenty of these site !
    So people be careful before buying, check other options and certainly donot make advance payments !
    16 days ago by Opgelicht35 0 Votes
    I cannot but repeat that you should be very aware of these people, both as supplier as well as as customer !
    Many people in Belgium, to my knowledge have been scammed by and as far as I know this company is under serious investigation with Belgian authorities since they scammed so many buyers of iPhones, made them pay in advance hundreds and hundreds of euros, for goods they never delivered...!

    Better safe than sorry !
    13 days ago by Jan +1 Votes
    Along with many others, I placed an order with Patrick De Swert (and Dirk Schuurmans) through and paid money in advance.

    The orders were never delivered. He simply took our money.

    I would say this qualifies as a scam.

    Local police is unable to locate them. Why is that?
    12 days ago by Patrick -1 Votes

    I'm Patrick De Swert,

    1) Never took money from buyers.
    2) Police can't locate me, my contact information can you find on my site!
    3) Hundreds of victims? put the list on the internet!

    We never accept money from buyers, we bring only the buyer to the supplier. I don't see the scam are fraud!
    If we are scammers a took me one other name and website.

    and yes!! there are problems with people that never received the goods, and this was not my intention, we are be scammed before and we are working on it.

    9 days ago by Ron +1 Votes
    First of all, I can only speak about my own experience with Patrick De Swert. Nico De Swert, Dirk Schuurmans, Steven Dewindt were business contacts that he mentionned in his own replies and communications that he made publically. The company he operated under in my specific case is called 'Oromono' and is located in Belgium. My story and comments below therefore do not apply to any other name or company mentionned above. That does not mean that I vowdge for these names that are unknown to me.

    Based on my experience I do advise anyone to proceed with great caution whenever doing business with Mr. Patrick De Swert. Especially if a payment in advance is required. Do not be fooled by legitimate looking websites. Over the course of several months he changed the entire look and feel of his website multiple times. Even if your payment directly goes to the so called supplier, even if some sort of legitimate looking logistics company is in between the transaction or if a company is involved that does some sort of stock management and verification. Tripple check everything and don't have blind faith! Mr. De Swert is as smooth as baby oil.

    A couple of months ago, Mr. De Swert operated through the website reselling high-tech products (iPhones, Apple products, HTC phones, etc.) at lower prices. He targeted consumers. When placing an order you had to pay a certain amount in advance, the order was going to be delived in a matter of days. I placed an order and never received anything. I demanded a refund (which is my legal right under local law) but never received anything.

    The website is no longer online but the URL is now redirecting to The company phone4real appears to be offering high-tech products and targets wholesale buyers. The contact e-mail is a guy named 'Patrick' and the address is still the same.

    Dozens of consumers are in exact the same situation as myself, paid money in advance an got nothing in return, waiting for a refund. Some of them filed complaints, others gave up.

    So in relation to point 1. of Mr. De Swert's statement I can tell you that he is not telling the truth. I am a buyer, he took my money.

    In relation to point 2. of Mr. De Swert's statement I can tell you the following:

    The Belgian Government's Economical Inspection (division in Antwerp) confirmed to me the following: following several complaints from customers, they made a visit to Mr. De Swert late 2008 pointing out that he was in violation of national trading law and that he needed to pay these people back. Mr. De Swert showed great willingness and promissed to comply. But, he had to leave the country for a few days for a business trip. He would resolve the issues upon his return. A few months have passed since then and the situation is not resolved. The inspection authorities have tried to get a hold of Mr. De Swert, stopping by at the address that he is referring to dozens of time (so they claim). However, they were unable to get a hold of him. These people just don't ring the bell, they leave letters, notes. If a government instance like that is telling me that they are unable to locate someone, I tend to believe them. I urge you not to take my word for it, you can contact the government's economical inspection in Antwerp at + on weekdays between 9am and 17pm CET.

    In relation to point 3 of Mr. De Swert's statement I can tell you the following:

    I do not have a complete list of all consumers that are in the same situation as myself but from what I can tell, there are a lot of people in my situation. I do urge you to GOOGLE on 'Patrick De Swert' and ''.

    The following website is a notification website where people can report what they believe to be fraud. The word 'internetoplichting' litterally translates to internet fraud. The link is a thread dedicated to Mr. De Swert's activities and it lists names of consumers even official case numbers submitted to local police.

    These is a Dutch website and I can understand that it is not of much help to English speaking people but I urge you to use the following service which will enable you to translate the website from Dutch To English. Please take your time and browse through these pages. You will find some valuable information.

    Other websites are and

    Complaining customers come naturally to doing business. However, these are a lot of complaints in this case and all about goods never received and money never refunded. There is no way you can minimize this situation to a matter of one individual customer that talks bad of you. There are too many websites and too many testimonies of people that tell the same story.

    Mr. De Swert's has given many explanations and told some really incredible stories about his setbacks which lead to the current situation. To make a long story short: he claimed to be the victim of a scam himself. All the money that people paid in advance was most likely used to place an order in hong kong (or china) and he claims that he got scammed (loosing a lot of money). He briefly believed that playing the victim role would generate sympathy among consumers and that they would exonerate him from having to pay their money back.

    Naturally, consumers did not agree so he started to have an avalanche of really bad luck on a daily basis which naturally delayed his legal obligation to pay people back. He claimed that he was scammed again, suddenly offered the opportunity to people to pay extra money in order to speed things up, then his hard drive containing all consumer contact and payment information fell on the floor and he lost everything, naturally you could not reach most of the time because his mobile phone didn't work well ... the list goes on and on ...

    Mr. De Swert claims in his statement above that he is working on the problems but he has been claiming that for months now. He's claiming that he would pay everyone back 'eventually' but message disappeared rapidly. Often he made statements such as 'if I was a scammer, I would not invest so much time in making things right' or 'if I was a scammer, I would be long gone but I'm still here'. He plays the victim role perfectly, always blaming other people, even the consumer. According to his own statements, consumers that file a complaint would not get their money back because they don't deserve it, because it's childisch of them to file a complaint for a couple of 100 Euros and simply because these complaint are really making his life difficult. At some point he blamed the consumer for the situation.

    Mr. De Swert has my contact information through my original order information, numerous e-mails and reminders that I have sent him and to which he replied. I did resend all my information again when he dropped his hard drive. If he does not know or can't remember then this is because he does not want to.

    I have no alternative motive in telling you this information except to warn other consumers not to make the same mistake.

    Don't take my word for it, GOOGLE!

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  • Pe
      Apr 06, 2009

    It seems Mr. De Swert is an interior specialist as well ...
    What's next ...

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  • An
      Apr 16, 2009

    Patrick De Swert took 625 euro's from me in August 2008, never delivered any product and never gave me my money back. This is clearly stealing. I don't care about any of his false claims, he has stolen from me and that is enough proof for me.

    Never trust this man, he will keep making up lies in order to trick you...


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  • Ra
      Apr 28, 2009


    THIS IS TO STATE, THAT I RAJIV CHOUDHARY ALSO CALLED "RAJ" IN HONG KONG THE OWNER OF "SINO LINK GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD" HONG KONG HAS MET Michiel Briet AND Patrick De Swert on 2 occassions ONLY in Hong Kong. ALL VIEWS ABOVE FROM username: Raj are not mine, and I don't know who this Guy/ Person/ Entity is NOT KNOWN TO ME & has no association with me or my Company. His views about Patrick and Micheal are exclusively his. As far as I am concerned, Me or my company did not find Patrick or Micheal in capacity of scammers. Any actions which Patrick and Micheal take are exclusively their's and have nothing to with me or my company. I was NOT Cheated or SCAMMED By these two individuals.

    Any questions please feel free to email me.



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  • Pa
      Apr 28, 2009


    We have never done business with Rajiv Choudhary (and we haven't) the Raj who is putting all these comments is different from Rajiv Choudhary of AUSTRALIAN LINK GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD, We have contacted Raj, and have since clarified, that it is another Raj not Rajiv Choudhary...

    The topic from has been removed.

    Sorry Rajiv,

    Best regards,

    Patrick De Swert

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  • Pa
      Apr 28, 2009

    The man behind Raj,

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  • Ir
      Dec 17, 2009
    iPhones - internet fraud
    iphonegear usa
    701 n
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    i ordered 6 iphones from them on 11/4/09. They would only accept checks so I air mailed them a bank check for $1500.00 on 11/5/09.
    I have never received anything i have called, emailed nothing
    i have called Henderson police, made a report there but have heard nothing.

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  • Ns
      Dec 30, 2010
    iPhones - Fake
    Junyuestar eletronic trade Co.,Ltd

    I ordered 2x iPhone 4 from Junyuestar and the seller (Ms. Miao Miao) not answer...
    I paid 600usd... :(

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  • Jo
      Jan 07, 2011

    They have done the same with me on an LED TV & a Blu-ray player. they robbed me 415USD.

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