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North American Bancard accounts are extremely hard to cancel. I called initially requesting to cancel and after explaining I wanted to cancel was told that I had to speak to a senior agent. I plainly told that senior agent I wanted to cancel at which time I was encouraged to keep the account open as it did no cost anything to do so. Again, for the second time I said I wanted to cancel and again a similar response. The third time I made it clear and demanded asking “What part of my request did He not understand?” I then was told a form had to be signed and I would be notified within 30 days as the cancellation had to be sent to my bank. He said He would email the form in an attachment, saying I could either mail the form or fax it. I waited for over 30 minutes and no email. I called again and by this time it was an hour and half later. The email had been sent to the WRONG email address in spite of the fact that they had the correct one on record. I then within a few moments received the form. I am wondering that because I did not go along with the Senior Agent and allow the account to remain open He purposely sent the email to the wrong email address. When the form was signed I chose to fax it.
I waited a few hours and called once again to verify whether the fax had been received. I was told that the cancellation department could not be contacted by the agent and asked to be transferred, which I then was told that cannot be done. She suggested I email the signed Cancellation Form to customer service who then could in turn forward it. I said no, since I faxed it I would wait the 24 to 48 hours that she said it would be before I received notice via email of the forms receipt. That never happened. AS it takes so long to get through to a Senior Agent and re-explaining the situation EVERY time I chose to email I sent SEVERAL emails requesting to know the status of the notification. It took three days to receive an email saying that the fax had NOT been received in spite of the fact that the fax machine I used noted transmission was confirmed.
The next day I went to FedEx/Kinko’s and used their fax machine to fax the form to them once again at [protected] which was the number given in the email saying the first fax was NOT received. It was the same number I sent the first fax to. I received a transmission verified form from FedEx/Kinko’s on 04/22/2013 at 7:40 p.m. and wrote a note on the cover letter that I expected a response immediately with verification they had received this fax. In the last four days I have not had a response. As a precaution I also mailed that same form via USPS as a “back-up” since they have engendered no confidence. They seem only to want money, rather then satisfy their customers, even to the extent of cancellation. I am forwarding this letter to them in an email. I will NEVER use North American Bancard again should I need to iPhone Card reader again. Their “system” to far too prohibitive, and since use of the card reader did not help I chose to cancel it entirely. I can’t hold them in error for wanting me to keep the account open BUT everything else is. Very dissatisfied.

Apr 26, 2013
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      May 06, 2013

    We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding your account. Unfortunately, we are not able to locate your specific account based on your post. However, I'd love to speak with you further regarding it. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 866-485-8999 ext 14443. I look forward to speaking to you. Thank you for your time, Michele Baxter Research Analyst.

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