Iowa Steak Companyemployees stealing!!!

Today January 26th, As I was about to nap with my 7 week daughter my doorbell rang, when look out the window it was a Iowa steak truck, a man at my door and another in the drivers seat of the truck. I did not answer as I did not want to purchase anything. We had a Dallas Cowboys flag hanging on a flag post on our front stairs. As the man at my door walked away he grabbed our flag and flag post and went and got in the truck. They backed out of my driveway and sped off. My boyfriend and his boss have put calls into the company.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Des Moines, IA They state they called the truck and the men denied taking the property, also they would search the truck when they returned! We had the sheriff and family out looking for the company truck! The company knows that I had watched their employee take our property, they know that they most likely would get rid of it before returning since they got called about it. We are very upset that they were low enough to steal from us all because we didn't answer the door! The company is protecting thieves and do not care what they did in their company truck!

Jan 26, 2017

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