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ionlineorder.com Celerity Sexy Teeth / return policy

11701 East 53 AvDenver, CO, United States Review updated:
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The website for Celebrity-Sexy-Teeth Ultra Whitening Smile Enhancer offers 100% Money Back Guarantee; however, in trying to return the product, the return form limits any returns to 30 days from shipping date. There are no telephone numbers or contact information. The product is inferior and did not work on my teeth -- the containers are designed in a way to limit the availability of approximately 1/4 of the product.


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  14th of Feb, 2009
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I never got my 50% rebate for the product that was supposed to arrive in my email, I never got it. Now Ionliner has my credit card INFORMATIO and won' let me cancel the VIP on line. It has a website to enter, but it doesn't work. SOMEONE HAS TO STOP THIS, THIS SEEMS TO BE A SCAM. I hope I can and others help me do something about this. I wonder if there on free lawyers online, or at least some on to report it to.
  16th of Feb, 2009
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I placed my order for celebrity sexy pout 3 weeks ago, and it has yet to arrive. When i was being charged it said i would be charged $4.95 for it, just for shipping and handling. After entering me information, it charged me $54.95...even though i only agreed to $4.95. IT IS A SCAM, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE... THEY ENROLL YOU INTO WELLNESSWATCHERS FOR A CHARGE, WHICH YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY THEIR FEE OF $30/MONTH AND ALSO THEIR VIP WHICH CHARGES $99 EVERY 3 MONTHS. I had to cancel both of these 3 times, as they said i didn't cancel before each time i call.
  20th of Feb, 2009
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This is a big scam. I saw an instant rebate when I purchased the product. They charged my account the full $54.95 than an additional $1.83 for using my card. The rebate is only good if you sign up for a wellness program. HELLO PEOPLE ! This is why we pay health insurance premiums and have our own doctors. We don't need some online service telling us stuff when they don't even examine us. This company needs to be stopped.
  23rd of Feb, 2009
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their domain name registrations are through GoDaddy.Com

Domains By Proxy Inc.

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260t

+1(480) 624-2599
+1(480) 624-2599 facsimile


Ted Tanner, Principal/CEO

AtLast Fulfillment
11701 East 53rd Ave., Unit A
Denver, CO 80239


  28th of Feb, 2009
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I should of had made some research before I purchased this scam. Needless to say that they say "you have a $50 rebate which you can use right away, just click on the first star and it will be applied."
That is a lot of crap, after you fill in the credit card information, at the end when it says total - amount 0.00 then you read down to the total and it says: $49.99 shipping and handling $4.99 for a grand total of:
$54.98. I have never seen such deceit. Then after you have entered your credit card information, you can not cancel your order because it goes directly into processing and it takes I don't know how many routs before they ship it to you. What crap!! Everything is done through computers now, there is no such thing as "there is no way we can go into the computer to cancel your order". Anyways, you know what? You won't catch me a second time around!!
  11th of Mar, 2009
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I placed an order on-line - March 4, 2009 for Celebrity Sexy Lips ~ Lip Plumper but did not receive the Lip Plumper. What I received was Celebrity Sexy Teeth ~ Ultra Whitening Smile Enhancer. On March 11th @ 9:45am Central Time, after I opened my received package, I immediately called the 1-800-591-6383 and spoke with an Operator who said his name was Darrell, # 420. Darrell said that it would be my responsibility to send the item back and wait 4 to 6 weeks for a refund and THEN reorder the item. I explained that this was not my error and that I should not be responsible to not only wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive a refund but that I should not have to spend my money on shipping and handling to return an item that I did not order. I ask to speak to his Supervisor and he said that he had no Supervisor. I ask to speak with a Manager and he said again that no one was available and that the Company did not have anyone above him to assist me. I am going to continue to research this CEO until I find him or her. When I do, I will be more than grateful to get this information out to the public for complaints. If someone finds the information before me then please let us all know. Thanks
  13th of Mar, 2009
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ionline.com and WellnessWatchersMD are ###in crooks and should be thrown in jail with the likes of Madoff because they are the same kind of ###. Make no mistake, these ###s are THIEVES in every sense of the word. I'm officially done ordering anything online because of these greedy ###s. Damn right I'm mad! I'm too upset to write anything else because I don't understand how ### people can get away with this crap in the first place.
  19th of Mar, 2009
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Why isn't there a class action suit by now with this/these companies. I too ordered the tooth product which didn't do anything as claimed. If you can squeeze a week out of a month supply your only doing one tooth. Then I got scammed into signing up for wellnesswatchers in order to get the rebate. I signed up and cancelled in the same phone call and never got the rebate. The wellnesswatchers was suppose to be the "VIP" for them. I cancelled it way before the time limit. My order was on 01/15/09 and I cancelled 01/22/09. Now its 03/19/09 and I noticed my card was charged again 99.99 by IONLINEORDER.COM with a phone number that cannot be accessed. I had to go on line and get another number. They advised that I did not cancel. I advised I not only cancelled but also did not order anything else OR authorize any charges to my card. They advised they sent out the product because they thought I wanted more. I requested they refund my account immediately as they stole money out of it without my permission. They advised now it is up to me to returnn their product I did not order and then they would refund the money. I again advised I wanted the money put back right away and the girl hung up. Someone start a CLASS ACTION SUIT, write the B.B.B., whatever it takes to have someone stop these people.
  17th of May, 2009
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About two months ago, I ordered one of the celebrity sexy teeth whiteners just to try and just last week I received three more in the mail. I checked my online account only to find out I had been charged $99.99 by ionlineorder. I did NOT sign up for regular deliveries. These people are thieves and should be stopped. I wouldnt mind so much if the product worked. It doesnt do a thing. Gosh am so angry right now. Who can I talk to because I know they'll continue sending me their crappy product as long as they have my credit card info. Help!
  11th of Jun, 2009
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Hey 'unhappy dude'. I just got the scare of my life seeing all the complaints about fraud and identity theft with this product that literally 10 mins after I ordered it, I had a wave of buyer's remorse from reading the many blogs about this product(i should have listened to my gut before I even bought the product) and I cancelled my VIP membership. They automatically put you under that status when you buy their product, so you would have to personally contact them to remove it. Thats what I did. I called the company and told them I was not happy with them and they cancelled my VIP membership to prevent me from recieving more of their products. I believe you can also cancel it yourself online if you go to your ionlinestatement. But I dont remember how to get to that particular page to cancel it. I wish everyone the best of luck.

By the way, does anyone know how long it takes for your item to arrive in the mail??
  12th of Jun, 2009
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I want to know what kind if losers work for a company like this? How in the world can those people sleep at night? How does a company like this stay open? I have been waiting for 1.5 months for a credit for their product i never rec'd. so lucky me, i get to pay interest on top off all the aggrevation of dealing with theses ###s.
  11th of Aug, 2009
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i called this number to contact ionlineorder.com directly. 1-866-976-8349 they said that the online cancle doesnt go through but cancled through the phone. hopefully it stops and i get my money back.
  25th of Sep, 2009
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I called ionlineorder.com directly. 1-866-976-8349 about the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener to inquire about my special gift just for ordering that appears on my online receipt. They told me they were not responsible for my "Free Gift just for ordering" that appears on my online receipt. I was told " We do not give out gift cards, any gift card is the responsibility of third parties". When I asked for the number for the third party or for the web site that put this together I was told " We can not give out that information ". All I got when attempting to click on the free gift I receive:

"An Error Has Occurred Completing Your Request
We are currently unable to process your request. Please attempt your request again and we apologize for any inconvenience. Technical Support staff have been notified that you have reached this page in error and are currently working on resolving this issue. We thank you for your patience."

And not to mention being billed from different companies involved with this scam (WELLNESSWATCHERSMD, DealMax). And trying to reverse the charges on my Credit Card of over $200 for services I never received.

This is a SCAM period! At the very least this is false advertising.

And why isn't there a class action Law suit against these companies? Or is there?
  17th of Nov, 2009
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Please call me at 1-866-956-2710 so I can take care of this for you right away. My name is Charity, and my hours are 10am-6pm Central Standard Time. Personally, I think that WellnessWatchersMD is a pretty good deal, or I wouldn’t work here. They send out thousands of $25 gift cards and $50 rebate checks every month. They also help hundreds of people with their Ask-the-Doctor service. If you were charged by mistake, I am authorized to give you a refund.
  6th of Feb, 2010
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Celerity Sexy Teeth - STOP sending the product
Celerity Sexy Teeth
22100 E 26TH AVE #100, AURORA, CO,80019
United States

I purshased 1 pakage of celerity sexy teeth since July 2009, the problem that every 3 months the Item is remailed to me although I DIDNT ORDER IT, this is at the expence of my visa whish I want to stop it, Plz
the last sent pakage order no: ANRI-0301628, WITH SHIPMENT ID 10624450, I will return it back and plz I need the complete refundand plz STOP send any further products

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