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I foolishly ordered the celebrity sexy teeth whitener back in February 2009. It promised it was the best product online and you couldn't beat the price for $50.00. Soon after I placed the order I looked into it a little more and found sites like this full of complaints. I immediately took action and tried to cancel my order but couldn't. I cut all ties with the company that I could so I wouldn't be charged the $99 fees most people were seeing as well that would randomly appear on their accounts. The product actually arrived a few weeks later, unlike most folks not getting there's at all. The next day I mailed it back per the return instructions, well within the 30 day from purchase day. They replied to me a week later stating they would refund the money. After a few weeks of waiting I contacted my bank. They had me wait another month to file a dispute. After almost 2 months of waiting for a refund, I filed a dispute for my money back. After months of waiting the bank refunded my money. I thought it was over. But it appears the company disputed my claim for whatever reason. The cardholder services company got involved now and just revoked my money and charged me again. I'm so upset... this is a never ending battle with this horrible company. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!! We'll find out if I can get my money and keep it.


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      Aug 30, 2009

    Here's an update to my complaint. I got my money back after filing a dispute with my bank. I had the upper hand because I had returned the product and never got a refund. I had proof of shipping it back with all the emails and interaction with It took a month or so but I have my money.

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