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IONLINEORDER / Scam VIP Rewards Program

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This company automatically enrolls you in their "VIP Rewards Program" without your knowledge. The program automatically reorders and sends whatever you ordered every three months and charges your credit card. I complained to them and they said that I approved being enrolled in the program when I bought my first order. This is BS! If they had asked for my approval, it was hidden in the fine print somewhere. They purposely do this to sell you more orders than you want. Then you have to go through the trouble to cancel your VIP membership and return the orders. Stay away from any product this company sells. You will end up getting and paying for several orders that you don't want.


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  • Wi
      17th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes I agree completely with the complainant. I too have been
    charged $99.99 this last month for an item I never agreed to.
    If this was their (company) position, then why wasn't this made
    clear to us that this would take place. By the way this product
    that I paid for I have yet to see.

  • Sh
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am going through the samething as you all and the 1800 number is a recording. I haven't even been able to talk to a real person yet. I am very upset about this situation also. I just really want to talk to a live person from this company. Are there any other numbers anyone is aware of that may get me to a live person.

  • Jd
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Guys - I am going through exactly the same thing, i bought this product for my partner for christmas and then 3 weeks later i get a charge on my card for something i didn't even order!!! Its a total scam and i am completely livid about it all. Please can someone help out or let me know if there is anything else i can do to get my money back, or at least bring this MUG of a company down.

  • Ju
      21st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I can not get through to a live person to talk with and want to cancel this order..Can someone that has gotten through post the number on line..Thank You

  • Dt
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Here's the number, but it probably will do no good--866-976-3695. Also go to and go into the returns section. My wife ordered from them and returned the product within 2 days of receiving it. It was supposed to be a 100% money back guarantee if returned within 30 days. Our credit card never showed the amount for the return. We contacted them at thier number (866-976-3695) and the customer service rep told us they never received it and to check with our post office for a tracking number. They obviously know that the post office would tell us they couldn't provide a tracking number, so when we retuned the call back to customer service they basically told us it's too bad. They told us that there is a barcode number on each return that identifies the customer and even if it is returned anonymously, it would show in their database. How convienient for ours not to show up, huh? They said the supervisor was in a meeting, of course, and couldn't return calls because their system will not allow them to dial out. I said I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they didn't care. They didn't even show up in the Better Business Bureau database under the ionline name. "No tracking number, no return". Now we're out cash and product.

  • Pa
      4th of May, 2009
    0 Votes
    IONLINEORDER - Celebrity Sexy Lips
    United States

    I ordered this product, which was to cost me nothing after rebate. They signed me up for their VIP Program and charged me $99! I cancelled my membership just a few days later but have not received a refund. This is a scam; I want my $99 back! By the way, of course, the product did not work.

  • Ts
      26th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Not only does this horrible company put you on an automatic re order for their product (that by the way is snake oil), but they also sign you up for a thing called MyFitness. Which charges your card another $27.00 monthly!!! And they have the nerve to claim that you also signed up for this as well. It blows the MIND!!! This company is a hard core scam. When you try to quit this really anoying guy who works there is relentless about insisting that you wanted and agreed to this rediculous fitness club and refuses to refund all of your money. DONT ORDER ANYTHING from ionlineorder!!!

  • Pe
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    They did the same thing to me and now I am in the process of filing a dispute with my bank. I called the attorney general's office in Colorado where they hold business and was given a website -- - supposedly a federal internet watchdog that protects consumers from fraudulent internet merchants like this. It was too late when I found out this company engages in shady business or I would never have purchased and given them my credit card info online. Maybe if all of us victims band together to put these thugs out of business, it will be one less fraudster victimizing unsuspecting shoppers online. I URGE EVERYONE IN THIS BOARD - LET US BAND TOGETHER AND FILE A COMPLAINT AT, AND MAKE THESE PEOPLE STOP VICTIMIZING CONSUMERS WHO SHOP ONLINE!

  • Sc
      5th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a charge to my debit card for $151.15 that I never authorized. I called the 877 # on the card statement & recieved a representative that didn't speak English. They kept saying their system was down and call back in 15 min then 30 min then 1 hour etc. I finally reached someone 10 hours later & they told me to email my complaint. I did but didn't get a resolution. 2 days later a charge for $40 from somewhere in Las Vegas was also charged. I called my bank immediately & cancelled my card. My bank is going to do an investigation. This is a real scam. I only authorized a shipping fee to cover the sample $1.00 & they took advantage of me. Please let me know if anyone has received a refund & how they went about getting it. I never received the product. HELP me... Has anyone contacted the Better Business Bureau?

  • Ri
      17th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yes, this company is a complete scam, repeatedly taking money from your card evry three months and failing to cancel when you instruct them too. They have cost me hundreds of dollars and many hours trying to cancel their 'VIP Service' - they automatically sign you up and just keep taking your money - COMPLETE SCAM RIP OFF

  • Co
      11th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I allowed my son to order a product from a website afilliated with this company months ago using my bank card (because he doesn't have a credit card ). Now just last month while i was checking my bank account online i noticed that "" charged me 99.99 which I NEVER authorized. I called my bank about this charge because at first I had no idea who this ionline was and I KNOW that I had not ordered anything last month. My bank had temporarily reversed the charges while they investigated this charge. Meanwhile I decided to do a little investigating myself. i went to that website and saw a picture of the product that my son had ordered 3 MONTHS AGO. I was so upset that they just automatically charge you even though I nor my son ordered a second time. The next day I received the second product in the mail which I did not order. I took it to the post office and returned it, return receipt requested without even opening the package. This company CALLS it "VIP REWARDS" program. This is a statement I found on this website and I quote... "Membership in the VIP Rewards Program is free and is included with your initial order as explained in the terms and conditions that must be accepted during checkout of your initial order." They should call this "VIP RIPOFF" What legitimate company REQUIRES you to become a so called "vip member" when you order from them. Yesterday I checked my bank account and noticed that my bank had reversed the 99.99 charge again in's favor which put my bank account in the negative. Now I have to somehow get my money back from ionline.

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