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Iomega 1TB Portable hard drive / bad product, bad service

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I bought Iomega 1TB portable hard drive on 9/2009. The drive came in defective. I called the retailer and they replaced it. This 1st replacement worked until 3/2010 - then stopped working and I lost 50 GB of data. Iomega asked me to send the corrupted drive back to them ( at my expense) and sent me the refurbished replacement. This 2nd replacement drive worked until 11/2010 and again I lost 50 GB of data. Iomega tech support told me to reformat the drive and seek replacement ( 4th!) if that does not work. The product is useless, the service is horrible. I regret I ever made this purchase/ They also told me that they do not offer refunds. Do not buy IOMEGA product, it is not worth the hassle and the money!

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  • Ge
      6th of Dec, 2010
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    I have been using it since Jan 09. It is still doing good. This is not the only product I have of this brand, the 500 GB and the 2 TB ones are also still working fine and I had bought these in early 2008.

  • Ju
      17th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I agree with you. I bought two iomega portable harddrive LPHD-UP3 through Dell website. The moment I used them, they failed right away in less than 5 mins (1st HD) and 10 mins (2nd HD). You can hear a lot of clicks on the HDs. I tried to contact Iomega through phone call but you have to pay lots of money to get customer supports. So, I basically left a message hoping they will contact me. However, I'm not surprised at that I'm not receiving any contact from them. I am assuming Iomega resort to scamming business ethics during bad economy.

  • Jp
      28th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I strongly disagree! I have a iomega external HD (model LPHD-UP3) 1TB portable, been using it for more than 4 years now. NEVER had a single problem with it. Used it on several different laptops / desktops, with different versions of windows (never tried a different O.S. than windows I might add). It was never formatted (only defragged) and it has been full in more than one occasion (I use it a lot, always adding / deleting stuff from it). Still works like a clock. Like a clock! This is my second Iomega hard drive, never had a single problem with my first one either, till I accidentally dropped it (main reason why I opted to buy Iomega for the second time, was how happy I was with my first one). Even the first one, which I dropped and was doing all kinds of metallical noises, I was able to recover most of the data through Recuva (piriform's software, same guys that brought you ccleaner. It's free, with no adds, and very efficient. Rememeber this before you format your next drive, and get your data out before doing so). Also, after recovering the data, I opened up my first HD to see if it was something "fixable", and I noticed that the HD itself is from Samsung (not sure if Samsung is relevant for you, but It was for me. Better to know that Iomega works with Samsung than with a ###, unknown company).
    I'd say that either you are VERY unlucky and got defficient hardware (they just can't all be perfect. Some are bound to fail. Some. Like 1 in 100.000. Every harware of every brand will have some that will fail). Or you're just not carefull enough with your own stuff (Hard drives are very sensitive material. You just can't shake them, knock on them and sometimes it's best that you don't move them at all if they are disk writting, cause its needle might damage the drive, sometimes irreversibly).

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