Investors Finance, Inc. / Mike Monaco

Monaco, You are such a fraud, I just found this site, and cannot believe you have the balls to actually spew out such lies. Open door policy, really!!! Is that why all of your correspondence is from NO Name Individuals with your "so called" firm. I like others were bait and switched by you, through an attorney whom came recommended. You and your attorney co-conspiritor led us down the garden path with false claims of a reduced IR and principal reduction, only at the last minute to but fed an overmarket rate which no one in their right mind would have accepted. I have requested a refund since June 2010, with the guarantee that my refund is being processed. That is just BS.
I will make it my personal project, to follow your escapades, in an attempt to warn others of your scam/fraud. I am filing a claim with the State of California. I will also file a claim with the California State Bar against the attorney with whom you have conspired. Oh by the way, you may want to use something new in past 15 years on your computer called spell check. See your post "enough of the crap" can you not spell "heightened". I think it speaks to your ancestry. I know longer care about my $795.00, I will receive far more than that in personal satisfaction that I along with the assistance of others, put a stop to such a scam artist. Also, remember that no one lives in a vacuum. Vincent

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