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I, David Gleason got on a dinar mailing list from run by Marshall Wayne Donnerbauer. he advertised a dinar sale of 1 million dinar for 725 dollars. i had been thinking about investing in some dinar but did'nt trust the business. i decided he was trust worthy and contacted him about the dinar sale. i sent him 732.00 dollars through paypal which he gladly accepted. this was october 14 2008. i have received none of the dinar which i payed for. marshall will responed to my emails but WILL NOT send me my dinar or give me a refund. he says he is in financial trouble and does not have my money anymore and does not have the dinar to send to me. he says he will send it when he gets it. i have been waiting for almost a year now. it's not coming people. DO Not Trust This Guy. I am contacting a lawyer to try to get something. your better off with a bank or ebay.

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  • Ri
      May 15, 2010

    Lucky i saw this site and your bad experiences with Marshall Wayne Donnerbauer, I was just about to buy 1 million dinars to put into a hedge fund ...I wont be doing any bussiness with him now

    thanks for your informative post

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  • Ri
      May 15, 2010

    Oh and Wayne Donnerbauer is extremely! rude as well, you should see this unpleasant email i just received from him for asking some reasonable questions!!

    I just found a real and reputable Iraqi dinar seller anyway, so it's all good

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  • Im
      Nov 30, 2011

    I also was about to buy from this site but thought the price was too good to be true, did a quick google search and turns out it is. Thanks for leaving this review. One thign if you paid paypal why didn't you just open a claim? Paypal aka ebay are known to refund money at the drop of a hat oftentimes when the buyer is gaming the system even. Why not just open a claim if ye didnt provide a tracking number I would think you get your money back no? I just recently bought some dinar and dong from getdong found them through google. Got my order in 3 days. Notes are circulated but they told me that up front and are the cheapest I found on the net. Read a review of them on dinarvets so figured I could trust them.

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