Invest Flex Corporatebe careful! it's a total scam!

This platform was registered on the 1st of November'18 (one month ago) at the address Markovskogo 72, Dolgiy most, Krasnoyarskiy krai, it's in Russia, Siberia.
Tech Contact is a certain Mr. Pavel Komilovskiy.
The platform is created for investors attraction that has to use following plans: Start, Medium, Large, Luxury. But even if you're crazy enough to pay money, then it will be hard to do because the platform doesn't have any settlement aggregator. So to add funds the website will redirect you to a personal profile of Timofey Bulygin. What the hell is that? It means that you pay money to a random person, not to the company?
Look at reviews on the website. Most of them are written long before the website was even registered! Of course, they are fake!
Who will ever believe that this crap is legit?

Nov 30, 2018

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