Inven Tel Products LLChd mirror cam

I order the HD Mirror Cam in July 2018. I received it 7 days later, it would not turn on. I call customer service and they walk me through the reset instructions. It work fine for 2 weeks. It stop filming, call again did the same reset. Then it when out again this time I ask for a refund and their return label, got it, follow their instruction, when to FedX on September 18, 2018 got tracking number call them gave it to them, was told I should get my refund in 7-10 days. No such thing happen it is now October 30 and I still have not received my refund.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Rockaway, NJ File a complaint with New Jersey Better Business Bureau on October 9, 2018. This company reply back via representative Stephanie to BBB "she personally mail out the check" but never gave a date she allegedly mail it out. That was on October 22nd as I stated earlier it is now October 30, 2018 I live in the State of Georgia not in a foreign country.
I would not ever buy anything from this company, even though their Website states 100% refund if return within 60 days I was within 60 day. This is a Fraudulent company that keep hiding under their statement that they "Mail the check" that have yet to come to me since September 21, 2018.

Thank you.

Oct 30, 2018

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