Intrawest / No Copies of Signed Papers

1 Whistler, BC, Canada


So we went to Whistler for the weekend, we barely walked around when we were stopped by an Intrawest Sales Person. She said we could pay $20 deposit to "book a tour" about Intrawest & its properties, she said it would ONLY take 90 minutes. So we said ok.

The questionnaire had very PERSONAL questions such as HOUSEHOLD INCOME, address & phone number.

They start by being super friendly and asking if you want water, food, etc. They show you pictures & how much you would spend if you bought their share rather than staying at high-end hotels. Then they get their sales manager to convince us how we NEED them, they "drop down" the prices but it's a "one time only deal, if you leave you won't get that deal" like we never heard that before...

We said "we need to think about it", as we all know, when someone says that, chances are they are not coming back so we needed to sign another paper saying we refused their deal. This is now 3 HOURS later when the marketing advisor tried to sell us a "one year membership" for $1800 by that time we were exhausted, uncomfortable and we just wanted to leave.

STAY AWAY FROM THEM!! Say no to the 90 minute tour, no to the gift cards, nasty sales tactics. I much rather have the CHOICE to stay at a hotel & pay more than to be STUCK with shares and paying HIGH INTERESTS. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Ps: WE DID NOT GET A COPY OF THE PAPERS WE SIGNED (which include prior to tour & the refusal to partake on membership)

Dec 23, 2014

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