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I have tried paid service for three months here is why you should not subscribe to it. It took me time to understand the way they work.
It is true that they are very honest about their calls which worked or failed and they show it on their website clearly. But, behind this honesty we forget that we subscribe to them to make profits only and not losses. Read carefully.. I am not against or with them but this in and out of their service.

Here are points you would like to know before you subscribe to service

1. Most important point is their performance report shown on their website. If you check intraday calls, FNO calls and Jackpot calls profit, its almost greater than 50, 000 per month. But see the percentage of calls that were successful. It is less than 70-80% most of the time. So, then how is the profit so high?
Here's how- When you receive a tip on sms from them, they always
give two targets. For example, the tip says buy 700 shares of Tata Steel at rs. 570. Target 1 is 580 and target 2 is Rs. 590. By the time you get call, share is mostly trading rs.1-2 up maximum time. So, lets assume you buy 500 shares of tata steel at rs.57 2. Now, target 1 hits at 580. You will get sms from saying 1st target hit and safe traders can book profit, risky can stay for 590. Now how do you know whether to stay for 590 target or no?? Its all luck hereafter. If you stay and share goes back to 570, then you are responsible for your loss. So, assume you sell at 580. But if the share goes and hits 590, then will take the credit and send you sms saying 2nd target hit, and also add a 3rd target
in the same sms.
So, at the end of day, their performance report will show profit of 500*20=10, 000 whereas you just made 500*8=rs.4000 ..
So, whereever profit is greater than 5000 on their performance report page, you can see that entry price and exit price is way apart and it is because their 2nd target is hit and you will never know when to wait for 2nd target.
If you wait, and share reverses and you make nothing. But they have successfully fooled you in showing high profits. If target2 does not hit, they show target1 as profit on their website. So, they play it both ways to show profit.

2. If they are making huge losses in a month, then they ask you to buy in huge quanities to get themselves into proft. Check the Jackpot call performance report for the month of Jan-2010 and see a call where they asked to buy Tata Motor 5 LOTS and show a profit of rs.25500. I mean, 5 Lots??? You need almost 5-7 lakhs to but those 5 LOTS. If you bought just 1 lot, your overall month profit will be negative
and look at their profits. Got the trick ??? Plus you can safely assume a difference of rs.1 in the share price by the time you recieve sms. So, again less profit. So, substract all this amount from Jan-2010 profit shown
on their page and check out how much profit you could have made...
Similarly, check performance report of intraday call for Oct-2009. They made huge losses and so they gave 1000 shares buy call for BankBaroda 28-oct. And you know what? They took it will target 3 and that is the profit that you see on the page. Infact, you and me would have exited at target1 itself and made much less money in that call. They do not guarantee any target after target1 but only claim credit for it if the target 2 and target 3 hits.

3. Same with Exit price. Sometimes even before stop loss triggers, they ask you to exit and exit price never matches with current market price of the share. For example, if you bought 500 tata steel shares at 570 and you got a sms asking you to exit at 565. If you check the share, it would be at 564 or even 563. So, they show loss of rs.5 per share whereas you made a loss of rs. 6-7 per share.

4. You have to take all three calls - jackpot, intraday and cash calls. Else you are no way going to make money.

5. BTST calls are very risky and pls pls dont take them. Check Jan-2010 page. They dont trade with a stop loss.
How can one single yes bank call make you loss of rs.40000???? If it were you or me, we would have exited it long back. They had a chance to sell it another day, but they asked to exit out of yes bank 2 days later. Check the
date yourself on the page. Plus, you will never be able to get the entry and exit price they give as I have written earlier.
So your loss is even more..

If you work out all the above calculations, plus the brokerage, then you will end of in loss. As you can see, they have a complicated system where you are mislead to profits.

So, I strictly suggest that you stay out of this intraday tips provider. I have tried shyam advisory as well and it is more worse. Many people have written about it as well.
Use technical analysis trading guys for intraday trading. Invest money in learning some tools and use it yourselves.

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  • Am
      28th of Feb, 2010
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    People should take the free trail which is available for 2 Days... & try the service themselves...

  • Ra
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    who wrute this he is.. fraud...he might b broker of of another he jelous..they r d best n honest...who behind d intradaytips .com

  • Pa
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    @rajgreenpeace and Amol Dalvi ----

    I am the person who wrote complaint here. If you think I am fraud, then you are one of those guys providing tips from . If you are not, then you try their service and explain me the logic behind waiting for target2 and target3 after target1 is achieved. How do you decide what to do when you have multiple targets? If you wait for target2 and stock reverses, then you are at loss while is in profit as target1 is acieved from their side. And if you dont wait for target2 but if stock goes up, then again you are at loss and is in huge profit and they will show in their performance report. Tell me, how to solve this problem?

    And how do you explain the motive behind BUY 4-5 LOTS in one call ?
    ANd they give delivery call also, and they send sms and start praising themselves if the call works. If the call fails (wjch it does most of the time), they are silent like anything. And if you ask them, they say that these are additional services and only risky should trade delivery calls.
    So, each case is handled diplomatically by them. I repeat, you cannot cannot make money with their tips service.

    I am watching this page, and show me if you have any point to make

  • Ha
      8th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hey paul_cool_fl,

    I have subscribed to their free trail which started today. So far, what you've said is completely true. This is a very diplomatic step they have taken. Today, as we all know the market was down by around 245 points which was bad for trading i guess. I received calls from them which are mentioned in today's performance report on the website. Apart from that, i received another call which was mentioned for risky traders only, which i don't know if it worked or not. Another BTST call was given just before market closed for the day and they had mentioned that exit call is given to paid members only. Now, all i can rely on is the opening call, intraday call and jackpot call. the future call can be traded in cash also which brings us to another problem.

    How much capital do we require to trade on an average of 4-6 calls a day which may be open throughout the day. My guess is around 1.5 - 2.0 Lacs and a good 3-4 times margin. Now, this is not possible for many traders. I personally, trade with 25, 000 and get 4 times margin from Angel Broking which is ok. But then again, there is no sure number of calls, which makes me think, how to slip up my capital for the calls. If i trade in the opening calls, i cannot trade well in intraday calls. I avoid futures because i feel they're the most risky ones. They do not provide option calls for some reason., or nifty calls. Now, if i use 50, 000 for avg. 2 opening calls and 50, 000 for 2 intraday calls, i end up using everything and i cannot trade further which means if the 4 calls fail and the remaining options and jackpot are hitting targets, i'm at loss. Also, if there is only 1 opening call and 1 intraday call, i cannot overtrade because i'll keep waiting for the another call which may or may not be sent.

    All in all, I would say the best way is to split up whatever capital you have 5 ways and completely avoid BTST calls (only if you want to, I personally avoid Future calls as well because they require like 25-50, 000 capital anyways for 1 lot). this leaves us with probably 5 calls which incl. 2 op calls, 2 intra, 1 jackpot. Just do this and hope for the best. Doing this will spread your risks evenly i guess because you'll be trading on almost capital amount and not same qty of shares which can be more risky. Now for the targets, i guess we can book 75% profits on trg 1 and modify the previous SL for a value much nearer to trg 1, so even if SL gets triggered you'll end up making a profit from your loss and your average will be a bit lower from trg1. This is only for contended people, as i personally feel satisfied with partial profit rather than risking it all for nothing or everything.

    I maybe totally wrong, so please correct me where needed as i'm no expert. Also, one more thing, has anyone heard or actually used the services provided by ?? i have googled by have not found any people complaining about it. I have used thier 2 day free trial and i would rate it OK-OK, not good but not bad too. Just like an ordinary sub broker, but a bit better. they give about 3-4 calls a day for intraday and i guess 65-70% work. Still, they have other packages too which are economical. Another one is calloptionputoption which is the most controversial website. i agree their midcap calls are a but slow and dull, thier holding periods are way too long than 3-5 days as they mention. I can only tell when my firs subscription ends. I'm not trading heavily on this one, just using around 10K to see how they work. Rs. 2000 for subscription and 100 extra for bank cash deposit. I'll update if i get a chance abt thier performance, as i have noted down most of thier calls with date of entry and exit calls. duration is 11.3.10 till the date my subscription expires (i've been promised an extentsion because calls are less and profit is less by the guy).

    Please do comment and discuss my opinions. or you can email me on


  • Su
      11th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    see harshal...i got 50 free trial... along with my frnds..n m from TRIPURA a hilly state...intradaytips didn't hide their negative call n totally updated daily..which u will never find from any website in india...u r not fraud not me..v both true...BRO 9774152927

  • Pa
      11th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    subrata1975 - I never said that they hide calls. Infact, I have written that they clearly show the tip result on their site. But behind this honesty, you are getting emotional and forgetting that you are not making profit. If it like you are told that you will be killed, but you appreciating the honesty of the truth and still want to be killed :)

  • Pa
      11th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    HarshaL ShaH - Opening calls are ###. They say that buy only when stock start moving up... If we all knew that stocks are moving up, then why do we need their service...funny :)))))))))

  • Pa
      14th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    HarshaL ShaH - See, I have tried waiting only for target 1. The passing percentage of calls is ver less...and you are losing money of brokerage also. Plus, you are not getting the exact entry and exit price. So, you are not making as much as shows. Net net you end in loss... I am not an enemy of any here. I have lost money for service both by paying them and also by taking their tips... I have tried shyam advisory also. They are more worse...
    I am just another guy trying to make money in intraday, but have been losing only. Now i use my own techniques.

  • Ni
      29th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi folks... Myself Nitin, and I am big fan of . I dont want to be in the argument, but I have some offer for those who think its good. I have 2-3 months membership with me. But I am travelling to USA for 2-3 years on my software project... So, those who want my account can mail to me at
    I can give it for discount and put your mobile number instead of mine.

  • Pa
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    See the effect of writing this post. They have started giving alerts to the customers wheneveer stock price
    goes up by few rupees. They want make ppl realize that the call is working, but unless it hits a target what is the use???????

    Simple calculation:
    Scenario 1:
    Buy 200 shares of reliance @rs.1000 for target1 1010 and target 2 1020 and SL 980.
    If you sell 100 shares at target 1 and rest 100 at target 2 then you profit is 30, 000 while their website will show
    profit of 40, 000.

    Scenario 2:
    Buy 200 shares of reliance @rs.1000 for target 1020 and SL 980.
    If you sell 100 shares at target 1, and target 2 is NOT achiaved and you sell shares at 1000. THen your profit
    is rs. 10, 000 while will show rs. 20, 000

    Scenario 3:
    Buy 200 shares of reliance @rs.1000 for target 1020 and SL 980.
    If you wait for target 2 even if target 1 is hit, and if target 2 is not achieved and shares goes down and u exit at 1000,
    then you made no money, but will show profit of 20, 000

    Scenario 4:
    YOu hit a stoploss and you have loss of are dead.

    Are you making money? Dont forget the brokerage and service tax which will be atleast rs.500.
    If you continue to do such calculations for whole month, you end up in LOSSSSSSSS. Think!!!

  • Ra
      30th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    when you got sms the 1st target hit immidiatly modifiy the stoploss to cost to cost you can win if 2nd traget reched if not reched the target 2nd you can get 1st target profit al ways remember dont do trade by phone order get own terminal do your self you never get loss

  • Pa
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    So Mr.ramamuruthy is confirmed that you one of those owners.
    And the solution given by you itself means that users will be earning less and your website will
    be showing more profits. It also means that what I wrote is correct and you are trying to cover your fault with some solution. This is what I was trying to prove since beginning...
    Do I need to say anything more abt your crap service now???

  • Pa
      15th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    @Rahull Shrivastav : I think, you should try . I found it very good, and offering more returns than what you are earning. The only problem is that you have to take all three calls that they give at, and track the sms's and do what they say exactly. So far earning really well since last two months. I hardly had 6-7 days where I ended in loss, which is ok I think.

  • Aa
      6th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    guys i agree with u
    but one thing which no one can deny that is intraday openings calls are really awesome
    if then market ends in green for a particualr day say abt 100 pts sensex up
    surely their opening call will be one of the biggest gainers
    exaple on nov 4 th market was 400 pts up
    i bought sbi it went up 150 rs from 3300 to 3448
    howver i agree with u guyz as far as other calls are concerned
    but never ever trade with with they are completey fake thier past performacne is completely fake

  • Sh
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Paul_cool,
    First of all thank you for giving a wonderful review on I was also a subscriber for this site for last one month and i lost nearly 1.5 lakh. This is an excellent review. Nothing is left. Only thing i can add is that they are highly bulls in nature. If you check their performance whenever market is in huge correction they are giving buy calls. And this is a very suicidal attempt. If you check their performance you would see hardly 4-5 calls for shortselling in 2-3 years. A good trader should do trade according to market condition. He has to mix both short selling and buy calls according to the situation. I think this is the biggest reason to stick their success rate near to 55%.
    You can check their performance of this month. (Nov 2010). See Worsttttttttt...

  • Ga
      15th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am ganesh new to market, please subscribe me a good call provider either one good intraday and F&O call it is ok. I am happy with Rs.4000 per day. i am ready to give money to good calls

  • Sh
      15th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Ganesh,
    I would suggest and First one you can earn small profits on a daily basis. Second one you can expect little quicker earning. Accuracy wise both are Ok. If you are going with capitalheight please select cash equity only. Others are not upto the mark. They are charging Rs. 3500 monthly for that. If you wish we can share that amount. I have already subscribed it. One can take yahoomessenger service and another SMS service. Please take care of the following.
    1. You should be always in front of the system during trading hours. Half minute delay will cost you high.
    2. Enter at recommended level only. Follow the strictly stoploss.
    3. Divide your total money/margin into 3 and invest in each by 1/3rd. At a time you should be ready to take 2-3 positions.
    4. Trade all calls. Then only you will be able to make up loss if any.
    5. Stick with only one tips provider. Dont give attention to other recommendation. Dont go with your own predictions. Do 100% attention to your tip provider only.

    You can write me at

  • Tr
      25th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    The biggest bluff of is as mentioned by paul that by the time you buy stock, it is up 3-4/-, then there would be one such call where they say to buy 4-5 lots to show overall profit on their web page. What else, there jackpot call is in losses.
    I have mails of bhalja where he says, you should not wait for target and book 1-2 rupee before, which means further less profit if it happens. Loss will be ful :)
    Moreover, as much as I have understood stock market, it is 1% profit, .5% SL, or likewise. In there case, it would be like buy at 410, tg1 420, sl 410. Which means 2% profit and 2% SL. that's perhaps not best way of trading write?

  • In
      27th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    hi all, I see that many people are here the subscribers of since many months like Paul and Rahul. It is a good and honest web site. I liked this service very much. I got trial for equity-cash for 1 day. I will need the following information. Please assist me. If I invest 4 lakhs (with exposure) in each calls of theirs for a month; how much earning is possible in a month on an average? Can anyone please give me idea? Or, even Net Profit gain / month in % ? (after deducting stop loss %). Because, practical information will be entirely different. Thanking you very much...

  • In
      1st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thank you Rahul
    Its worrysome performance at since 1 week; don't know what to do. All the calls moves towards the stop loss price...Yeah market was range bound but...

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