Intimate WholesalersBad/Insulting Customer Service

I ordered one clothing item here for my 15th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Their website offered RUSH shipping which I paid $19.99 for. For $19.99 I expected that it would actually be shipped with RUSH shipping.

However, three days later when I asked for a tracking number it had not been shipped yet. They gave me a tracking number stating that it was being shipped that day, via Fed Ex Ground.

(Note: Fed Ex Ground is the slowest possible way to ship an item via Federal Express)

I sent an email to the company requesting a refund of the RUSH shipping charge since the item was shipped via a slow method.

The owner sent me back a very insulting, angry message that she would not be refunding me anything for shipping just because I wasn't smart enough to read the FINE PRINT on her shipping policy.

We went back and forth with our emails, until I accepted that she wasn't going to resolve anything.

I sent a complaint to the BBB about the shipping charge. We then went back and forth with the BBB with me explaining the problem and her sending insulting emails again stating that she wasn't going to do anything to resolve the problem because I failed to read the FINE PRINT.

First of all, if you have to put your shipping policy in fine print, there is obviously something fishy there.

Second, her point is that the fine print on her shipping policy states that RUSH shipping means the product will be shipped with 2-6 day shipping and that time doesnt start until she ships the item.

So I paid $20 to have something shipped slower than the slowest shipping on any of her competitors sites and in return I got insulted by the company over and over again via email for not reading their policy closely enough.

Her last message to me stated that you cant just ask for a refund from a company just because the product didnt arrive as fast as you wanted. Well, since Ive worked in customer service myself for over 15 years and I myself have given customers hundreds of refunds for this very reason, Im pretty sure you can do exactly that.

Definitely will never shop here again. Incidentally, I found the exact same product cheaper on many other sites with better shipping policies. So next time I will do better research before choosing an online company to purchase from. This is definitely not a customer friendly company.


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