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As a larger woman, I've made the commitment(and investment) over the course of a few years to buy my undergarments from the Atlanta location, and more importantly I've made the commitment to take care of my undergarments by hand washing 100% of the time with the custom made washing product sold in your stores. I purchase from your company because of the commitment you have to repair bra's free of charge. Investing 100+ dollars per bra, and rotating through 14 bra's, I wear the same bra only 2 times per month. It would stand to reason that I've not "broken" or "bent" an underwire within 6 months time.

I took a bra back to the Atlanta location yesterday 5/3/2010 because the underwire was coming out of its sewn casing between the breast bone. As you can imagine, quite painful to wear. I was told that they "might" be able to repair but because I'd been washing my bra's in the washing machine and dryer (the plastic casing was missing) that I would do better to buy another bra.

I was quite miffed that it was insinuated that I machine laundered my undergarments. I was told when I purchased the bras NOT to do so, and was upsold on buying the hand laundering products. I informed the associate (Jessica Flores) that this was not the case and she became very rude and unaccomodating to my request. I was told to call her manager (Annie Goins)and when Ms. Goins called back she again stated that heat from the dryer was the main culprit in the deterioration of my bra and they could try to repair the twisted underwire.

Let me state emphatically and unequivocally that no product which has been purchased in your store, has EVER seen the inside of my washer and dryer. I live alone, nobody else launders my clothes. I am upset that your apparent free repair policy is actually another ploy to get a good customer to buy another product. While certainly I have no problems investing in good foundations, I do so in part because of your generous repair policy. I'm disappointed to know its a sham. If indeed the underwire is twisted, I wouldn't mind buying another underwire to have the twisted one replaced, but there is no option for this. The only option I was presented with was to buy another bra.

Have I misconstrued your repair policy? Especially since I've had other parts of different bra's repaired with absolutely NO hassle in the past.

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  • Ma
      7th of Feb, 2013

    I purchased last year over a thousand dollars worth of bras. They are expensive and other than having larger sizes, there is no difference than going to a department store or Victoria Secret. Except for the fact, if you have a problem with the bra, intimacy has a problem doing an exchange/return. So you are better off elsewhere where you won't go broke and can make a return without a problem. They do not last longer than any other bras or hold their shape.

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