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I too have a complaint to register w/Internet Pros. I signed up for a $1.97 trial offer on 7/8/09 and my Citibank card was charged accordingly. I just received my statement to see Internet Pros charged me an additional $67 on 7/18/09

I called [protected] and spoke with someone named Courtney" who insisted she was the Customer Service Manager. Having been one for 15 years, I do find that hard to believe. Courtney was unresponsive and downright rude when asked why Internet Pros had put through an UNAUTHORIZED $67 charge to my credit card on 7/18/09.

She said "You had seven days to cancel or it's an automatic monthly renewal. I will cancel all future billings but I will not remove the $67 charge. You should have called us by July 15 if you wanted to cancel." I asked her where the mention of automatic renewal was to be found and she said “On the website” I explained I wasn't even aware I had been charged until my statement arrived on 8/15 and called them immediately but that Internet Pros is closed Saturday and Sundays. She acknowledged that yes, the Internet Pros office is closed on weekends but continued to maintain she was not removing the $67 charge because I had not cancelled by 7/15/09.When I asked top speak to someone else, Courtney said she was the manager and there was no one else I could speak to. Hum…

I told her I had already been in touch with Citibank, had opened a dispute and that Citibank was denying payment to Internet Pros pending an investigation. Her reply? “You had seven days to decide if you wanted the product. I'm not removing the charge."

I saw no purpose in continuing a discussion with this person so I hung up and immediately called Citibank. Yes, they had issued a temporary refund for the $67 pending an investigation. I explained the problem I’d encountered with Courtney and the rep told me Citibank was sending me paperwork so that they would have my written statement on file. No problem…I’m happy to do it.

Right now I am trying to find complaints about Internet Pros so when I the documentation from Citibank arrives, I can sign it and include other examples of this scam giving Citibank enough fire-power to remove the charge---with or without Courtney's help!

If you've been scammed by Internet Pros, PLEASE post your complaint on this site and then contact your credit card company to explain the situation. You will get no satisfaction from Internet Pros but with the numerous complaints that have been made about them (just search the internet), you should be able to get any unauthorized charge credited back to your account.


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      Jul 29, 2009
    Internet Success kit - SCAM
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    I seen an add to work at home, you can try for $1.95 shipping and handling only. There was no fine print that I seen on the page so I tried it. I checked my account today, there was a charge for $77.00; to Internet Pros. Now I can't find the website I went to. They should put it in big print what All the charges will be. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

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