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Over 60 individuals have just discovered they've been ripped off by self proclaimed internet marketing guru Brian Campbell, creator of, and This is the result of a 3 month online mentorship program, run by Mr. Campbell, in which originally, 72 people were being taught about internet marketing by promoting the 3 above websites as affiliates with their own sites. The current primary focus being Rapid Forex.

The mentorship group has not received any commissions, although they've sent and tracked thousands of unique visitors to the Rapid Forex website.

If you've become an affiliate for any of these pgms, you are advised to stop promoting them. You will not receive any income.

Avoid these. There is some good free content, but if you get further involved, you will get ripped off. It's very unfortunate for the 60+ people who spent the last 3 months working very hard driving traffic to Campbell's websites for no commissions, while Campbell and parter Robert Borowski bragged to members about recently purchasing new homes in Hawaii from Rapid Forex promotion profits.


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      Sep 04, 2011

    The event you've just read about took place in 2006. The date today is Sept. 3, 20011; five years later. The information written in this article is true and accurate. I personally was one of the participants in this online mentoring class and I saw red flags the first time "Brian" told all of the participants that his traffic tracking software failed to report which students in this class were responsible for which new sales on "Brian's" website. So instead of arriving at a fair manner in which to pay the students for the new sales he realized (as promised) "Brian" decided to keep all of the proceeds from all of the new sales for himself. The reason I've put "Brian's" times inside of quotes is because I believe that the person who executed this scam is most likely a person of a different name than the one he uses online and probably lives in a country where he in immune from our government's laws. I hope this information helps others to avoid being scammed by this type of fraud.

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