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Internet Marketing Center / Marketing Tips / Overpriced and Oversold Mentor Program

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This complaint and warning is about IMC, Internet Marketing center also known as Marketing Tips.
I was sold a complete mentoring package that was a mess from the start. The sales agreement was for a complete website package that will produce income through a mentoring program. The sessions did not flow with my abilities to produce content and the site ended up being designed and made by myself.
The whole program was not set up for the client but for them. You would be better off just purchasing their manual and going with it alone.
My mentor left IMC and admitted that the mentors were overloaded with clients and admitted that the program was not fair to the clients as well. This program sold for over $10K and in my estimation was worth under $1K. As of yet, 2 years later my site still struggles.
Interesting enough my ending survey with the program expressed my grief yet IMC's recourse was to attempt to sell me another $1K session. They are just in it for the money, they do not care if your site ever becomes successful, basically after the company gets your money they could care less about you. In fact they removed me from all their email campaigns.
I will be pursuing a formal complaint against the company and restitution.
Please post if you have had a similar experience with Derek Gehl or IMC Marketing Tips, I would love to hear about them.

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  • Te
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    I fully agree with all of this, I have also called the phone number on my credit card bill for the last 4 months and told them I did not want this and I wanted refunded and have yet to get ahold of anyone, I called the credit card company and will have to place a dispute complaint through them to hopefully get this resolved.

  • An
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Yes, I also agree with this.

    I don't understand why the Internet Marketing Center (IMC) can't screen their mentors properly. The one I had left IMC to pursue her own business which I think was unfair for us who paid $10K.

    The mentor also did not properly advise on clients during the mentoring program. Some were busy promoting their own internet business and others didn't care about the clients and left them to 'study' and 'research' on their own.

    I have stated my grievances but IMC didn't follow up on the complaints, not just by me, but by others as well.

    I guess IMC just went downhill since Corey Rudl passed on.

  • Ad
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Thank's for your posts. Now I know that I am not alone.

    Money sure are their first priority. In 2008 I bought a program called Info Biz Creator. After some time I suddenly loss access to the mentor program. After multiply attempts to resolve this problem I got no responce from IMC.
    Then they released their program called BeBiz and I bought in. Got my own product and website no.1 for my keywords at Google, but was not making the projected money I was expecting. I fact, it cost me more running this site with BeBiz (monthly payments) than what I am making at my site.
    A month or 2 ago they send out an email you had to respond to (signing). They offerd a discounted price with the catch of signing contract for a year. Because I was planning to close down my site I did not sign.
    Then I receive a telephone call from Breanne Stern informing me that they have given me a discount and have refunded my credit card. Of cause it sounds nice.
    Now this is where the popo hits the fan. Trying to opt out they refuse and bind me by "contract"-which I did not sign.
    I am trying my best to discuss this problem with "Breann Stern" at IMC but when she hear it is me she is always busy and just ask me to contact her the following day. And this is how it is going on for more than a week. She even ignore it when I left voicemails.

    Seems like the only opt-out would be to cancell my credid card.

  • Ad
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    Follow up on my post...

    After persistance I got Breanne to talk to me (she being the only person to assist me in this matter). We came to agreement and got this issue laid to rest.

    Thank you.

  • Do
      13th of May, 2009
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    This is the post that was originally posted by me in
    the GKIC Inner Forum, but was removed. Shortly
    thereafter, I left Glazer-Kennedy. the post was titled something like: Open Letter to derek Gehl: Your Greased Chute has Razors In it. The post goes as follows:

    I have posted this to the forum not out of maliciousness,
    but only because I could find no direct route to post
    complaint to the "man in charge" about my experience with
    the sales in/of BeBiz. Mr. Gehl says he's retiring from IMC
    which means he may or may not have say in choices made.

    I loved and still love the 2 binder printed internet
    marketing course. But my experience with the BeBiz sales process,
    including the inability to deal with a different salesperson
    than the one I dealt with (including her boss/sales manager)
    and the fact that her boss/sales manager was the person all
    "altercations" went to, meant to me that I had zero idea if
    any of my complaints reached anyone with any merit or desire
    to do something about it.

    (ADDED today 5/13/09--in other words, teh sales person said only she could handle the problem and nobody else could. When I asked an operator for a complaint email, I also asked who received them. It was this sales ladies' boss who wouldn't talk with me! so I had no idea if any complaint I made would reach anyone who gave a darn.)

    I sent this email to an address with Derek's name, but as
    we know, this doesn't indicate the possibility of it actually
    reaching him. I met Derek briefly at the phenomenon and was
    very impressed with his knowledge about the internet, and found
    it difficult to believe he would approve of what I went through.

    I haven't decided yet if I'm going to write the BBB or the online
    version, including a copy of this email. I read Derek's monthly
    columns and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have done business
    with several of GKIC's recommended people and this is the absolute
    worst problem I've had, and in fact, after having dealt with
    Ben Altadonna, Yanik Silver, and a few others, this is really the
    ONLY problem I've had with customer service like this.

    Here is the letter I sent:


    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed one of your products, the 2 binder marketing course.

    Unfortunately, I had an INCREDIBLY poor experience with B. Stearn and the IMC people
    that, on a scale of 1 to 10 was a10 in horrible, hard sale, broken promises, one hand not knowing
    what the other is doing in the business, a sales manager that had no control over a sales person
    time. I'm just waiting to check my bank statement to make sure nothing else was screwed up.

    Literally, I was on verge of taking B. Stearn to court. It was that bad. I've never, ever had
    service so poor with broken promises, manipulation, hard sale, and just general BS! I'm a big
    no BS fan, as I know you are--see your articles monthly now.

    You might be leaving at just the right time. I was going to encourage you to change some of
    your policies and the interrelationship between sales manager/salespeople, but I think, since
    you're leaving, you won't have a "say" anyway. If I'm wrong, and you'll continue to have a say
    then don't let this company tarnish your name or Rudl's.

    So be it, and good luck.


    P.S. that's why I'm not ordering this incredible deal you're offering. Sure it's my "loss", but
    it is also my "gain" in that I don't have wasted phone time, insulting sales people, broken promises,
    hard sales, and general distaste, anger which create the desire to use my skills to find ways for suitable and
    appropriate retaliation. Thanks for one great product and one incredible learning experience
    on how a sales process can ruin the experience for a customer. Your greased chute has razors in it.

  • Ge
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Hello People,

    I have taken the mentoring program @ IMC.
    My mentor was a gold mine of info.

    Now a lot of the value from this program comes from what you have to offer and the quality of work you do.
    Any Mentor can only do so much for people who have little skills to offer the world.
    I am not saying you folks dont have skills.

    But there is only so much one person can to do help another.

    You cant call a personal trainer and say I need to learn how to run a marathon in 60 days.
    Sure maybe some people can do it but most wont be able.

    Perhaps peoples expectation are just too large?

    As there is only so much a coach can do for you.

    I dont know... maybe I got lucky with a good mentor?

    I was able to cut my PPC costs in half and loose no sales.
    This is going to save me a lot down the road.
    There was just so much to be learned by talking on the phone.

    Now I also had a site running so maybe I had more to benefit from.???

    Anyways I just wanted to say that I respect all that you folks are saying here.

    But I had a good experience with the IMC Mentor program.
    But I also had more to gain since I had a money making site already in works.

    I wish you all the best!!


  • Cy
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    What do you good folks think about the IMC s new Rising Star Challenge? Is it worth the investment?

  • Ra
      12th of May, 2010
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    Oh my GOD, I wish something like this was online back in 2005 when I was desperately trying to find some 3rd party validation to the IMC Advanced Mentoring Program before I invested my money ($6000 at the time). I finally did find someone AFTER I had spent my money and got her phone number. She basically told me that the program was basic and only taught her how to builder her website and get a newsletter started. I thought that SURELY since I already had an up-and running site that was already making about $300 monthly that I would be coached on what I could do better to turn that $300 into $1000 or $3000...this was COREY RUDL's (RIP to a brilliant marketer!) company for Pete's sake!

    Well...I'm sure Corey is TURNING IN HIS GRAVE

    The mentor I had was some guy who allegedly had built an affiliate program business. I quickly found that he didn't know any more than I did. At the outset I was VERY CLEAR that what I needed help with was 1) better conversion 2) more traffic. Any true expert should have been able to increase somebody's income a few hundred per month helping that with that...especially for a site on weight loss.

    This guy didn't know JACK SQUAT about copy and also didn't know JACK SQUAT about traffic. Each coaching session was like sitting on bed of nails and splinters. They consisted of him having me try a bunch of different split tests that I did not need to pay someone $6, 000 to tell me how to do. He was inept at helping me with my copy and my traffic did not increase AT ALL...he basically gave me "busy work" to do and then sent me running along with a list of tasks that were not effective.

    At the end of 6 months my money was gone and my website had not improved AT ALL. I had done EVERYTHING I was asked to do. Then he had the nerve to try to upsell me MORE coaching time!

    I learned a valuable lesson back in 2005...if you are not dealing with THE ACTUAL GURU------ DO NOT INVEST. Peon instructors will not give you the same quality of coaching. Period.

    NOTE: The Great Corey Rudl had just tragically passed when I did this program. Derek Gehl had just taken over.

  • Vi
      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    Internet Marketing Center and their IMC Mentoring Program is definitely NOT worth what they are pricing it.

    My "mentoring" period with IMC started back in 2005, and after making the payment of USD7000 and going through the "training" I am still hurting inside for this investement.

    I still rememebr that during the first call my "mentor" bragged how he had bought a summer cottage that he claimed to had bought in Greese and how he earned more that his parents combined, and all the time the clock was ticking (the calls were 30 min each, so several hundred dollars per each call...)

    My "mentor" was unexperienced marketer and in that 30 minutes call they provided every month, we barely went through the short instructions for the "next step" I was supposed to go through by the next months call. The next step was like "build a website", "write a salescopy", "find dropshippers" - uhuh... not very helpful for a newbie, the market that IMC at targets (and no wonder, anyone who is a bt more experienced would not buy thier stuff) . The fundamentals that are so important for becoming succesful, like what market you should choose and what business model would be good for you were not discussed (hey, there is no "Internet marketing", you have to have a specific business model that you run in the internet)

    Now that I have learned so much more and become succesful in marketing online, I can only shake my head in disbelief when I view the IMC training material, and the mentoring time I got. They really have the guts to deliver that little for people who trust them so much that pay US$7000 to get trained. With that money it should be much more detailed, and customized. Both of these are totally missing in IMC mentoring.

    And I can tell you that I was not expecting to make money right away. And I was committed to do what ever it takes. I was working my [censor] off, I used more than 12 hours a day by trying to figure out how to do the "step" in the coaching program, and getting things done. And, btw, their "Email mentoring support" is a joke.

    During the mentoring period, I bought Internet Marketing Center eBook software (eBookPRo 6.0) that I used serious time to learn how to use it, had to install it few times, and that caused so much customer issues that I stopped to use it. I bought that sw after my IMC mentor had recommeded it to me.

    During the mentoring process I also bought Internet Marketing Centers Mailloop 6 program (again, after recommendation of my dear IMC mentor) that was a total nightmare and thier support for that email program was really poor... the sw had a lot of bugs and after all I grew wiser and found that there are MUCH better options available.

    If you reading this note, and might be considering IMC's Mentoring program, please don't buy anything from IMC. You will get much better quality training by many other trainers with much less money.

    and NEVER, NEVER BUY TRAINING FROM A TRAINING HOUSE. You could have a newbie like you to "train" you. Always check the credentials of the trainer and make sure he/she will be the actual trainer. Yeah, they make claims about thier systems, but at the end, true experience really matters. I know, they make tempting offers you want to believe in. But only pay for people who can proof their claims and are good trainers, also in their hearts.

    Wishing you all the best, making money with Internet Marketing is real, but you have to choose your mentors correctly.

  • Uk
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    Sounds like I got off easy. I went for the $477 for 3 months of mentoring deal. Told the sales rep upfront a I barely missed getting out of foreclosure by the skin of my teeth and could not afford the regular $97 down and $297 a month for the program. I was interested in the 3 month deal but would contact him when I had saved up the money.

    He told me there were only 50 or so spots left out of 1000. What if I put the $97 down and then the balance in 1 month. I told him that was stretching it but I thought I could handle it. He says that's the way to go then so you can get started right away.

    The $97 came out and about a month later $297 came out of my checking account. I thought this odd since it should have been the balance of $380. I figured they would take the rest shortly. I actually called to check on this and was informed I was paid in full.

    I actually didn't have too much problem with the program, was a bit disturbed by the add on cost of PPC section they want you to do. $50 a day for at least 2 days. Remember I'm not dripping money here. I had an old google adwords credit for $100 ready to expire so that worked out.

    Then I find this email from someone named Megan from IMC wanting me to contact her with updated cc info because she got an error msg trying to bill me for $297 (the monthly fee). Come to find out I was never put on the 3 month program... the rat sales rep just wanted his commission and lied to me to get me to sign up. I was told by a different accounting girl, Alexa this time, they never alter the payment programs. I protested and pleaded my case.

    IMC dropped me like a hot potato... canceled me from the mentor program and bebiz. All the work I put into it is gone. They won't return my emails, won't even answer phones there.

    They told me they don't refund!!! I'm out $394

    STAY AWAY!!!

  • Ri
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    IMC is no longer what it is known to be. Instead of being an internet marketing company that teaches marketer to watch out or avoid scammers in the online industry, they turned out to be one of the biggest scammers themselves.

    Remember when Info Biz Creator was first launched, I was almost the few members that got in to make the purchase. But look at what happened now. IMC has removed them offline without any notifications to the customers that had made purchased for the product. The Info Biz Creator was taken down without any explanation.

    Please log on at:


    Also, log on at Info Bz Creator from the Support Centre of IMC at:


    Despite several attempt to contact them on the phone, there were no one to pick up. All the reply through the voice mail is that you submit a support ticket, which lies another problem. Why? I cannot never get to login to their support centre. Due to the nature of my ip address, it has a tendency to be rejected upon login to view the ticket.

    Finally, as a member of Internet Entrepreneur Club, after posting the reality of what I have faced with the problems mentioned above, I was also TOTALLY banned from login.

    In other words, I am no longer allowed to login, which finally gives me the very reason to terminate my relationship with IEC once and for all after a 3 1/2 years. They no longer value their relationship with their customers.

    Well, these are the realities of what I have experienced with IMC.

    My suggestion: any new purchase made from IMC starting from today - STAY AWAY!

    There are more advanced products in the online industry today. All the existing products from IMC are either outdated, removed or not updated to catch up with the fast changing market of today.

  • Ni
      15th of Oct, 2010
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    I thought I was just dumb, I guess after reading all these comments.
    I feel good that I wasn`t the only one getting ripped off big time. Actually I feel bad for myself and every one involved.

    I took the IMC marketing course for $10, 000 that`s ten thousand dollars on my credit card. After two (2) years I finally am getting
    getting the credit card paid off with all the interest also.

    I was told I would get three (3) months mentoring also with the course, but every time in class and through the phone calls, if I asked a question
    I was told "We don`t teach Microsoft programs here" this would go on every time I would ask a question.

    I went to Chapters in Canada and Barnes and Noble in USA and purchased three (3) books for $70 dollars that told me more
    on Internet marketing than the ten thousand dollar course from Internet Marketing did.

    I am now thinking of a lawsuit.

    I can not believe these people would try to rip people off especially nut cases like me as I have their names etc.
    I am just starting to have my revenge.

    Purchase or go on line and get some revenge ideas.
    The last person who ripped me off had to give up his house and his wife left him.

    For $10, 000 dollars these people are on my life time revenge list.
    Do not ask for your money back as you will not get it. SSSSSOOOOOO!!!

  • Uk
      20th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Contact your state att general or similar in other countries with a complaint. They will go after them for fraud

  • Ed
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    About 5 years ago I thought I might sell things on the Internet. I did not know anything about this type of selling so I went to Google for a list of Companies.
    Well to my surprise there was one in Vancouver B.C. where I live. They built it up as the best Internet Marketing Program ever for $10, 000!!! I would learn how to sell on the internet and make some serious cash.
    Boy!!! did I get sucked in for $10, 000 dollars. I paid them $10, 000 dollars as did approx. ten other suckers paid them $10, 000 a piece. When I ask a question the so called teachers would say " We don`t teach Microsoft here." I was also told I would get three (3) months free mentoring. Which I never received. When I phoned them they said, you have two more phone calls, then it was one more phone call, then absolutely nothing after the third call that I made to the Internet Marketing Center in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Do Not Under Any Circumstances give Internet Marketing Center in Vancouver, British Columbia, SCAMMERS any of your hard earned money. I got the blow off from every one in Internet Marketing Center in Vancouver, British Columbia. WHAT A SCAM!!!
    Almost at the end of the course they wanted another $5, 000 dollars for the advanced course, which I did not take.
    If you are wiling to get ripped off like I was give you money to some church!!! If any one you know has been ripped off by Internet Marketing Center in Vancouver, British Columbia, contact them and go after I.M.C.
    I believe everyone in my course got ripped off, and are to afraid to admit it, as I have not heard back from anyone.

  • Ed
      2nd of Jul, 2011
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    Hi Suckers
    I do not mean this as a put down or a slam on us who paid $10.000 dollars to take the IMC course
    as I laid down my $10, 000 like others.
    If you could get me Derek Gehl home address, Phone number and anyone Phone and address,
    I am sending every TV investigative reporter to their home and its going on youtube, to the tax people in every
    country I can find.
    I for one will be sueing and tying up IMC bank account for years and they are on my revenge list the rest of their lives.
    No body steals $10, 000 dollars from me, actually it was more as I put the IMC course on my credit card and it
    took me two years of interest to pay Visa off. edsel

  • Bu
      12th of Aug, 2011
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    I have been trying for over two months to get a refund from IMC for their BeBiz program. I email daily and now they won't even respond to them. $297 might not be a lot to them but that's not the point. I promptly requested a refund and they refuse to give it to me. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.

  • In
      26th of Oct, 2011
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    Hi Everyone,
    I am also a victim as I have purchased the courses too, been in the IEC during months and has also been an affiliate who deeply thought it was a serious company! Now Derek Gehl has left the company and has been replaced by Mr. Chuck Anderson since mid 2010.

    Now since March 2011 I am fighting to get my commissions due from Internet Marketing Center (IMC) and now we are in October...still nothing! Sometimes the support (Megan) replies and most of the time I don't get any response! In August Megan asked for my postal address to send my check but I never received it and since then I have no response to my many emails & support tickets sent!!! By the way, to any email address you send it's always Megan who replies!!

    Does anyone reading this know of any serious organization/company where we could make an official complaint?

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