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1 Hamilton, OH, United States

Me and my husband went to the local Wal-mart, well, really to get his car worked on in the automotives. While we were there we did need groceries. So, I decided to buy a bunch of stuff...while checking out I was subjected to pure HELL! I had a price match on pop and the cashier acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. She had to call a CSM over to help her out and to tell her what to do. Excuse me, Wal-mart, did she have any training??? Not my problem. Then I had regular coupons and she did not even know how to scan them. I mean I know they have double bar codes on them...but, give me a break. Then I had internet coupons. Oh Boy!!! She said, we do not except internet coupons. Well, in Wal-marts policy they do. I wanted the manager at that point. He said, " We do not take those coupons. " I then told him I would not be back. He said, I don't care don't come back. WOW!!! Great Customer Service ...right. By the time it was all said and done the cashier had left off five of my coupons and with the manager acting like that. I wasn't going to waste my energy. Beware!!! If you go to the West Side store in Hamilton, OH. May God be with you!!! Store # 2441


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