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Internet Auction Solutions / abusive & high pressure- MAY have lost money...

1 138 E 12300 S, Number C-194 Draper, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 8667318112 x6368

Gee- where to start? High pressure, checking out how much they can scam you for by asking personal debt & credit questions, getting verbally abusive at the end when you tell them "No."

Hmmm... I have checked out the company Internet Auctions Solutions IAS through Google search and found loads of rip off/scam/complaint sites listing them and links to Utah BBB and felony arrest records on the higher ups.

My husband was subjected to the abuse and hours of persuasion but I will see what happens when I cancel well within the 14 day trial later today.

Will update at that time.

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  • Ld
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Internet Auction Solutions - Fraud / Personal Information Violation
    United States

    I downloaded a program from eBay to start up an online store and a few days later received a call from this guy called "Mike" at Internet Auction Solutions who knew already all my personal information ! My mistake for entering them on the ebay download, however it is a violation to contact someone without their consent !

    Furthermore this "Mike" kept asking about my financial situation and whether I had good credit standing, if I was dealing with a reputable bank, asked who my Financial institution was (stupid me I told him) and that I should ask for an increase credit line to pay him... !!!

    I have not paid a dime to them but I am worried about them accessing my bank account and worried they will scam hundreds of people.

    HELP !!!

  • Bo
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    Dont give them a cent of your money, i did and they charged my charge card twice for 5, 255, 56. Then you will get a e- mail from an outfit called THRIVE LEARNING INSTITUTE about coaching you and they start you off by selling stuff around the house on EBAY.The rest of there web sight has information that you can get for free on the Internet.I am lucky that my charge didn't go through so my bank put a stop payment on my card.These people are high pressure sale people that want you to sign up right now.STAY AWAY I am posting this where ever I can get the word out.

  • Fi
      25th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I called the On-line Data Institue to get information about working from home and then the Thrive Learning Institute called me and pressured me into their scam. I am so upset. People: beware! After a month of extensive research it appears that The Thrive learning Institute goes by many different names in many cities in Utah. The three day money back rule is ###. They have bad business practices and their Customer Relations guy, Zach Bradshaw, will raise his voice to you and speak to you as if your stupid. He said I couldnt have money back because it had already been absorbed into the company. Well, unabsorb it and sent it to me. I am still waiting for my $1500 back. I will write about my experience every day until I turn purple in the face and get my money back. My complaint with the BBB of Utah is still open...

  • Bo
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    138 East 12300 South # C194 PMB
    United States
    Phone: (800) 284-6301

    When you are contacted they ask allot of questions about you credit cards and the balance that you have on them.Then this person says his sales boss needs to talk to you to see if you qualify.When you tell him you would like some time to think about this business thy tell you you can't wait the selling season for Christmas is here and you need to get started know.
    Then you say ok then his boss calls gets you into their web sight and goes through all of this information then tells you they need over $5, 000 and they can get a good deal on a percentage rate if you transfer the money from your credit card.They say they guarantee you will recover this money or they will continue to work with you until you do.By the way they record you when you accept their digital signature.For some reason when we transferred the money it was done twice.When I say my account I put a stop payment on the card before it went through, now they want to discuss a resolution.

  • La
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    I understand your concern, but unfortunately you have filed a report on the wrong company. You have not been contacted by Internet Auction Solutions. You are NOT a customer of Internet Auction Solutions.

    Clay and Kevin Handren work for a company called Auction Profits, NOT Internet Auction Solutions. The companies are not related in any way, except they both offer eBay coaching and training.

    Kevin Handren is actually one of the owners of Auction Profits.

    The company that your husband talked to is called Auction Profits. Their contact information is:

    4424 South 700 East Suite
    Salt Lake City, UT 84107

    PHONE TOLL FREE: (866) 731-8112

    Their website is:

    The 14 day trial that you signed up for is through a company called BIDFUEL.

    Their contact information is:
    BIDFUEL: 1-800-697-9248


  • Sh
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    After my divorce in 2008, I got a call from Internet Auction Solutions. They did seem a bit pushy, but at the time I was in a heck of a bind financially, and I didn’t know anything about ebay or the Internet.

    I ended up signing up with Internet Auction Solutions and their entire program for more than $7, 000! After I completed the enrollment and got off the phone, I felt horrible inside. There are soooo many scams and bad people out there… I thought I had made a huge mistake. I called to cancel and spoke with the Public Relations person… I think David was his name. He informed me that I had already been outside of the recision period. He also asked if things had dramatically changed financially for me. He wanted to know if I had “won the lottery or something”. I told him no and asked why he asked the question. He said that I had before me an entire system, including software, tools, products, and professional coaching. He also pointed out that if I had not won the lottery I should probably start using the system to make a solid income. I knew my financial situation was horrible, people at work were being laid off everywhere. He also pointed out that they offered a complete service guarantee, and would guarantee that I would at least double my initially investment. The other option I has was to quit and receive nothing. He urged me to proceed and use the system.

    I am a Christian woman and spent a few days praying and consulting with friends…. On November 1, 2008 I started the coaching and training and put up my first set of auctions. Since then, I have been sooooo happy I did. The following has occurred since Nov, 1, 2008:

    1. I have averaged about 45 auctions per week, about $450 per week in profit!!!
    2. I have learned the market research tool to find out what I need to sell on ebay.
    3. I work part time for a florist, and crossing guard 2 weekly, this new home business gived me the freedom with about 1 hour per day to make around $2000 monthly.

    When I first signed up, my friends and family were very skeptical, as was I.

    But I did have a friend that told me she used to work for the Bowflex company. She asked my if I thought any of the executives at Bowflex felt guilty for building and selling people an exercise machine that less that 10% of the buyers actually use. I said no…. its not up to the Bowflex people to make sure the people that buy their machines actually put in the work and see results!! I guess it’s the same with this and just about anything. The IAS program is working for me, because I did what I was told. I went to every appointment. I did every assignment. Today I have great respect for David at Internet Auction Solutions. I’m not even sure if he still works there…. But his professional push got me to take advantage of what I had in front of me.

    Today, I’m soooo happy he did.


  • Ri
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    They sign you up with Thrive Learning Institute where you get some help on selling on e-bay.You get 8 weeks of proactive training on e-bay which is all that I recieved, then you go to the proactive phase where you have to contact them when you need help.All the information that they give you can be found on the Internet for nothing. They trap you by recording you when you sign up so the can get your money. You have three days to get your money back? To me this is a big wast of money. David is a fast talker and And can be threating and they have you because you are recorded. We had a Shawna sign up my wife for a merchant account then had a hell of a time getting out of their contract.Thrive Learning Institute is a complete rip off.

  • Tr
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    Please for your families sake and for credit's sake don't listen to any of the shallow promises made by Internet auction solutions or Thrive Learning institute. You will be told that they can get you within the first couple pages of internet search engine page results. Furthermore, Arthur Morton told me that they have all the tools to help you, unlimited coaching which you don't get. Only 6 weeks of phone conversations after that they leave you to email and live chat only. The live chat feature isn't' available after pacific time business hours.

    I was having an issue with these lies and called internet auction solutions and thrive learning institute. A guy called me from Thrive that attempted to argue with me (a customer) that paid $7100.00, about what unlimited coaching is. He was pushy, rude and wasn't attempting to resolve the issues at hand and help me in my success.

    Dont listen to them, they have on their website "putting the student first" a big lie.
    This information can be found all over the internet at other sources for free. They do provide you with some online store templates but you can't make any monies off of them because there are so many big companies that are able to pay for expesive advertising and such that I could not.

    Big, huge scam, practically online strong armed robbery.

  • Ja
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I was interested in selling more on e-bay - so I signed up for the info pack to be a power seller - a couple days later I got a call from Kelly - he also got all my financial stats and stuff - smooshed me into listening to the whole speel and watch a video to see if this is what I was lookong for - because even though you might like it - only "2%" of the people they interview are allowed to join.

    I have a relative that has been doing e-bay power selling - all on her own - She told me to google the company IAS - "Internet Auction Solution Scam" - so I did ------I THANK GOD I DID - this was one of those almost too good to be true companies I almost fell for - Thank you and thank you everyone for posting your experiences with companies such as this.

    I will take her advice and do it on my own - she says there's a lot of FREE help out there - and it can be done - it may take a little longer - but I'm one who learns by trial and error.

  • Ge
      5th of May, 2009
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    I had the same experience with Internet Auction Solutions, I signed up and paid 3900.00 to them, cancelled within 72 hours as stated on there website and 5 months later lost my arbration with Discover Card. This company is 100% fraud and i am going to continue to fight with the attorney general, bbb, and an attorney to get my money back. These ###s need to be kicked out of utah and put out of buisness. Do not bite into there ### sells pitch and hang up the damn phone as i should have done. Anyone with any advice to stop these scammers please let me no. thank you howard rogers

  • Tr
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Please for you and your families financial sake steer clear of these liars at Internet auction solutions that stole $7100.00 from me stating that my online store that I could develop with them would be in the first couple of search engine page results with all of the major search engines. this doesn't just happen, especially without paying large sums of money in order to pay for advertising.

    Discovered that it isn't really possible to do this without paying out large amounts of money for further advertising and marketing in such a competitive market.

    They say you will have unlimited coaching, but after the first 6 weeks the phone calls of coaching are cut off. They keep this from you and people like Arthur Morton of Internet Auction Solutions lied to me stating i would have unlimited coaching. After 6 weeks of phone calls from these coaches all of your business has to be handled through email or live chat. Live chat isn't available after normal business hours of Pacific times.

    Furthermore Arthur Morton, led me to believe that I was paying for an online store package that already had in place the marketing and advertising that was needed to recieve lots of traffic to my site. There is no marketing already in place, after the monies were paid to Internet Auction Solutions a company called thrive learning institute is whereby you learn this stuff that you can learn from various other sources online for free.

    There is no marketing already in place, if you develop an online store you will have to pay for more marketing, more advertising, monthly merchant fees of 49.95, monthly hosting fees of 49.95 plus your debt of the 7100.00.

    Please steer clear, big scam.

    They don't care about your success after you sign up and pay your monies. Thrive Learning institute states they put the student first, but I don't really know how they can say that as one time when I called and I thought I still had phone coaching, I was told in a rather rude manner that your phone time is up. You only have 6 weeks, I couldn't believe it. I thought I could call anytime I needed help with issues, she told me no.

    YOu can use email or chat. Have you ever tried to handle or ask complex questions through email?

    I called the directors of both internet auction solutions and thrive learning institute about the poor customer service and also about the 1000's of free dropshippers that are available to me. The vast majority of them aren't free and they didn't even carry any of the niche market items I was trying to carry.

    So I spent literally hours, like 20-24 hours over the course of a few days finding a dropshipper to supply my needs that wasn't even located within this $7100.00 deal.

    Big, big, big waste of money.

    Lie to you, making shallow promises.

    Please don't even give them a second or two of your time.

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  • Sh
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Shawna, please! lol You are part of the scam.

    I can teach you to ebay for $500 and even that's too much, so I'll give you 10 lessons for $100.

    I can teach you where to find things wholesale and how to write an auction that will sell. No one is making that much on ebay today. It's dead in the water.


  • Ko
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Please message me to join me in stopping these people.

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