internationalarchives.orgunable to access site despite paying fee of £35.94

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i registered with the above company as part of my family research i paid my fee via paypal, as yet i have been unable to access the site despite receiving receipts and confirmation e-mails. i have tried to contact the site to complain, received confirmation of my complaint and am still waiting for an explanation. today when i tried yet again to access the site i was informed the page was no longer available! what is going on is this a fraudulent site ? i just want my money back now!!!The transactionID is 4GN50717H68081335 M y receipt number from the alledged company isWV5VRLE9.i look foreward to your help solving this matter.5

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  • Cm
      Jul 14, 2011

    I too have made a purchase ( $29.95 AUD) through this company and not had any satisfaction.Their email site is unavailable when you try to contact them through their website . I also received confirmation emails and a receipt number stating what I would see on my visa statement.
    My receipt details are 10/07/2011CLKBANK*COM_KDN7BPLE [protected] GB$29.9533.
    I have sent emails canceling my subscription however I have had no reply in 3 days. I will be contacting my banks to try and recover my money- C. Malivoire

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  • Ny
      Jul 14, 2011

    Phone Model : Nokia X6
    Missing Date : July 14 2011
    Imei No. : [protected]
    Please Find It ... ;(

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  • Te
      Jul 20, 2011

    i too have done the same and payed 29.95 to get information, when i was given the site i couldnt get the information i needed..i sent in a complaint to them and they sent me an e-mail saying they would search it for me free of charge..i then told them i wanted my money back as it wasnt what i needed from still waiting..then i recieved another e-mail saying the site was now i have to go to my bank and stop the transaction...not happy at all..

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  • Cm
      Jul 22, 2011

    I have since looked further into Click Bank and after going into their website I was able to make contact with them and lodge my complaint...I am happy to say I have receive my refund. I told them in my email that the Company was unable to provide me with a Service and therefore requested monies be credited to my account.
    Log into their site and open the Help toolbar. Then on the left hand side of the page open- Customer Support where it says Order
    Look up. I followed these steps until I was able to make my request for a refund...I hope this information has been of help to anyone else in this position...Their Instant Database is a lemon. Guess I am one of the lucky ones this time !

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  • An
      Aug 12, 2011 - Can't gain access to the website
    Sobhraj Services
    England, Essex
    United Kingdom

    I purchased access to the above website this morning, paying a fee of £29.95. Despite taking the instant payment, I am unable to open the site. There is no login facility. I consider this a breach of section 1 of the Theft Act 1968 and will be reporting the matter to the police and the UK trading standards office. By placing the org at the end of your website you are saying that this is a government agency. I will also report this to the relevant Minister of Parliament.

    Kind regards

    Angela Stubbs
    Sobhraj Services

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  • Ja
      Aug 15, 2011

    I have been doing genealogy research for a few years now and (only because i had prior knowledge about what is available in certain databases) immediately suspected this site to be a scam. many genealogy sites promise way too much they cannot deliver.
    however i took them to task and sent the following email entitled "are you dodgy;
    I think your site may be very misleading - to the extent that it would be illegal here in Australia.
    For instance - there is no info regarding WHAT records EXACTLY can be accessed after a subscription to your site.
    And when i clicked 'contact us' it lead nowhere - "
    Not Found
    The requested document was not found on this server. "
    To my knowledge, by law, there is a time-cap on availability of records and such important info is not available nor even mentioned on your site.
    I think you may be wrongly inferring that all kinds of unlimited records are available ("satisfaction guaranteed"). I think most people would not be bothered to ask you for a refund (yes - i did note there was a link to request one).

    Another misleading facet of your site was the use of underlining under some words or groups of words (inferring hyperlinks).
    Indeed things on the left hand menus that one may reasonably assume were links were not links. Very misleading behaviour!!

    By roaming around your site and clicking every link (or something that looked as though it may be a link) I did however manage to find a couple of links that led to external (valid) sites (UK Archives and AU National Archives).

    Please explain yourself!!
    Does your site indeed offer access to ANY types of records that are not freely available already somewhere on the web?
    Thank You.
    AND - when i sent this email to 'support' it came back 'undeliverable'
    then i sent another one, "however i assume that I am able to pay your company as when i click thru to clickbank it generates for me an invoice for "49.88 AUD " and informs me that, "Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name "CLKBANK*COM"."
    Now that appears to be an unfitting name for a legitimate genealogy company.
    I suspect a scam - and will immediately report this to Clickbank and write an article to warn people about your site.

    Thank you. .

    I did report it to ClickBank and also to the FBI Cyber Crime Squad.

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  • Ms
      Sep 19, 2011

    I have also just joined this site, and found on initial search, I do not even exist! This is obviously a scam, and do not know how to get my money back-£35.94.

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