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International Wigs / DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE!

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This company messed up my simple order, then when I contacted them about it, they ARGUED with me! Back and forth through emails we went. I reported them to the BBB about the way they unprofessionally handled my complaint. They did not even offer to pay for the shipping to return it, when it was THEIR mistake. I actually have to pay for their mistake! This company should be closed down. It has several complaints against them. I will not do business with them again.

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  • Ca
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    I was going to make fun of you for putting a complaint on this website but your complaint is valid and is spelled correctly. Congrats. You're smarter than most of the people on this website.

  • Co
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    I had a problem as well with who also owns If you Google complaints along with their name you will read countless complaints about how they've taken money and not shipped items . And how they've harassed and stalked people through e-mail, I know because they did it to me. I totally ignored her crazy self, I don't care what someone says to me especially someone who's trying to rob me! (lol) I don't let someone who is nothing more than a thief, liar and coward make me feel bad. That would be like caring what your garbage can had to say to you if it could speak! Either way I knew I was going to get my money back and I did, from them! If she didn't I would have STOP Payment anyway and she knew exactly where I stood so she had no choice and I didn't have to participate in her e-mail bullying, I'm better than that.

    For starters a company and people such as those don't care about anything except dollars $$$$, so it's easy for them to be tough hiding behind a computer screen. In reality it takes a heartless individual to steal with no conscious from 60 year old Cancer patient, who also posted her story on this site about them.

    How you deal with companies who are motivated by pure greed! Is if they are sending you abusive e-mails, don't answer back! That's what they wants you to do! Don't give in it's just to bait you into and unnecessary argument. This is something that have been doing for years to people so obviously they are mentally off balance to sit and be fussing with their own customers all day every day for almost ten years! It's a BS tactic to intimidate people, don't feed into it! Words get you nowhere action does!

    Block the e-mails, keep a copy of the abusive ones that were sent to you, a hard copy and an electric copy. Call the bank and STOP PAYMENT on your purchase, you hurt people in their pockets not with words. Then you file a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission (FBI for consumer complaints). After that you make a complaint with Consumer Affairs and lawyers will collect complaints and if they get enough they will pursue either a class action or enforce laws and fines for business such as this. And then you go online to the Attorney Generals office in California where is located (really) and make a formal complaint and send a hard copy of your complaint as well with attached copies of the e-mails that were sent you. And make sure to follow up with them that they have received your complaint and are looking into the issue.

    A company like this one is motivated by greed $$$$$ so they will probably always be out here working under different names robbing and ripping people off. However by posting what they've done making others aware, and making complaints with law enforcement will eventually get them to at least stop abusing people or pay fines or return money, and believe me they'll get tired of paying fines and return that dollar that they seem to worship. When stiffer penalties are enforced or a proper investigation is conducted into their business it might put an end to their abuse and fraud. Just make sure to make complaints to the proper authorities. The BBB can only put info out to people that this isn't a good place to shop. In order to get them fined or investigated you've got to go to the Government and lawyers!

  • An
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    This is the WORST company and WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. DO NOT buy from them I repeat DO NOT. They charged me for expedited shipping, and then did not expedite it. The tracking number tells me when and how it was shipped. Not even upset, I contacted them to reverse the charge, and this is what I get:

    yes, we told you that you HAD to pick the $10 ship it today ground though
    did you wish to add that on? you dont need 2 or 3 day but you for sure do
    need the addl $10 as we told you on the phone
    Thank You!
    Customer Service,

    Yes please! I didn't know that!

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

    OK, no problem, will ship monday!
    Thank You!
    Customer Service,


    The following Thursday...


    Do you have a tracking number for my order? it should be coming today!?


    the maker sends it, we dont get tracking right away. its 1-2 days from the maker to you, so it should arrive today, i would think, latest tomorrow.
    Thank You!
    Customer Service,


    1-2 days, wouldn't today be day 4. Since i paid the extra 10$ it should have shipped Monday. I need it by today! So i will keep my fingers crossed!!

    Thanks! If you get tracking today...please send it my way! I'm getting nervous over here :)

    unless you ordered in the morning? it would have left the day after you paid. so, it should be today, the days start tuesday...let us know
    Thank You!
    Customer Service,


    Thank you for the tracking number! The front door to my complex has received it. ALTHOUGH, you DO owe me $10. You did not read the emails in this chain, confirming shipment on MONDAY for $10 extra dollars. This conversation took place on FRIDAY. Which is definitely before 10am on Monday morning. I am thankful my package is here. BUT the $10 charge was not only unnecessary, but it DID NOT ship on Monday, which what the charge is for. It is really the principle of the matter. Please refund my $10 as it did not
    ship Monday as promised for an additional $10. PLEASE read your emails to
    me. I will recopy and paste them here!

    it did leave on time and there is NO refund due
    we are not going to reply again.

    LOOK AT YOUR TRACKING AND YOUR EMAILS!! IT LEFT TUESDAY! YOU PROMISED FOR $10 EXTRA DOLLARS IT WILL LEAVE MONDAY. IT LEFT TUESDAY!!! WHAT WAS THE $10 for then!!?????????????????? WHAT?????????????????? Explain this to me and I will not continue.

    ground- 1-6 days- you got in 3- we will not refund you. you really, have some nerve!
    dont reply

    Some nerve? You charged me an expedited shipping cost and didn't even ship same day and kept my money...if you don't refund I will dispute with my cc company as I have email and tracking evidence. As far as customer service you ate THE WORST!!!

    get lost, a**hole

    I am appalled by your customer service and will be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

    so? you are disgusting! something tells me you have problems like this all the time!

    So, like I said the WORST customer service and the BIGGEST CROOKS. I wish i would have read the reviews before hand.

  • Mj
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    they sent you an email, about this order
    also ground is a three week process.
    did you not get the email? this order was refunded. we sell these items by the case only now, sorry. our site will be updated soon
    Thank You!
    Customer Service,
    it was done recently, it can take a bill cycle to show,
    Thank You!

    of course its listed on our website
    Thank You!

  • To
      11th of Dec, 2010
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    Prices are awesome however customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced! They repeatedly sent me emails with caustic remarks simply because I asked if I could delay my order until after the holiday because I will be out of town until Jan 2. Below are the emails that I'm speaking of: #-represents my emails *-represents their replies!
    #do you have this in stock presently? I'm leaving for vacation on the 18th of December and was wondering if I should make arrangements for this
    we wont know stock til we order with the maker, next week
    if out, we will let you know as soon as we find out,
    #Thank you very much for responding so quickly.
    Awaiting your reply,
    Curious to know if you have heard from your supplier yet? I was wondering if I should postpone the order if arrival isn't here before the 18th of December, going on vacation and not returning until 2nd of Jan.
    if stock was an issue, they would have emailed you by now, so if you did not get any email, your item is in stock,
    Below is all the correspondence between your company and myself. I have yet to received confirmation on the estimate ship date or availability. My concern is timing due to the fact that I will be away on vacation as of the 18th of December - January 2. Please forward any information regarding this order. Thank you for your patience and time.
    Awaiting your reply,
    again, if this was out of stock, we would have emailed you. it will process in the ground time stated on our website.
    this means it wont ship til next week. i hope this helps. we dont offer exact ETA unless you order express. its very possible this will arrive after the 18th with ground
    if you wish to upgrade to express to get before the 18th it would be $65
    I personally apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you I gather from the tone of your email you're overloaded with work. Again is it possible to delay this order until I return. I don't see the benefit of the package sitting on my front porch for 2 weeks with the possibility of it getting stolen or damaged without my knowledge if the package can't be delivered before my vacation. I also don't foresee paying $65 shipping for a $139 order in today economy. The reason I email you was to evaluate my options and find a win-win option for the both of us. So if my email irritated you I apologize but I have had packages lost last year during my vacation which I had to invest a lot of time to get the problem resolved. If this is a problem for us to resolve could I cancel the order all together and seek another vendor with no penalty to my charge card.
    i am not sure why you are emailing us such an email. overworked? irritated? by answering your emails with the answers?
    i am stating the facts to you, sorry if you dont like them
    1- we can hold your parcel. email us when you wish to ship it
    2- its heavy. overnight is $65, its a rate, based nothing on economy. if you want overnight let us know
    3- we can cancel the order. the cancel fees on our site apply.
    let us know your choice here and do have a great day!
    In business is not what you say its how you say it. I have no problem accepting the truth, I appreciated and respect the truth. I do quality control with GM and delivery of information is everything. I do realize some people are good at it and others are not. Again I apologize for your inconvenience...I just wanted to know my option which was the reason of my December 4th email, depending on your reply I was going to see if it was possible to delay the shipment until I returned from vacation. However this has turned into a on going debate of some sort between a vendor and customer which is puzzling to me. What is your mission here? Is it to defuse and solve this issue? I would like to delay the order option 1 Please! I have ordered in the past with you and forwarded your website to friends and family however your customer service is much to be desired. I understand the pricing of your product is awesome however it fails in customer service tremendously. I don't think that any of my emails were unreasonable I just wanted to know my options, if you would have told me that I had the option of delaying the shipment this would have been a done deal and everyone walks away with a win-win attitude. Again would you please delay my shipment until I return. I sincerely apologize! Sorry for your inconvenience.
    *Its not my fault you construe a tone to email, miss. There is no tone to email, only to spoken words. The facts are harsh for you. My goodness, thats very sensitive no?
    What have we done to you that you feel the need to dissect my words?
    You never asked for OPTIONS. You asked for a date of shipment and clearly we DO NOT offer such.
    I happen to be excellent at what I do, for your information.
    As we fail you in service for you, and you know how it is, some you cant please at all!! :) this will be your last order with us.
    Your parcel will ship to arrive to you after the 2nd, and then your account will be closed, and any future order refused. I hope you find excellent service that can satisfy you as we obviously can not, with a higher cost to make you happy.
    Good day!
    #Thank You! Not a problem!Will forward our correspondence to major newspapers and have readers comment on your superior customer service!
    *Sounds perfect! Be sure to forward all of it! Dont miss any emails
    This company is very unprofessional and will not do any more business with them nor would I recommend their business to anyone!

  • Ri
      20th of Oct, 2011
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    This company defrauded me. I placed an order weeks ago that has not shipped and now I have no need for the product. The company still has not processed the order, I have no use for it any longer and they refuse to cancel the order and reverse the charge. Furthermore, after inquiring about the status of the order and asked that it be cancelled, the company's owner told me to suck my *@%!

  • Ta
      18th of May, 2012
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    I agree this company has the worst customer service! First it normal takes forever to get your product, even when your pay extra to forgo their 1-2 week processing and you still don't get it in the estimated time. Then when you bring it to their attention they treat you like it's your fault not theirs. No apology, no discount on your next order, just it was the USPS fault not theirs and why should they apologies. I will be also reporting them to the BBB and will no longer be doing business with this company. I highly recommend others not to as well.
    Tired of bad customer service!!!

  • La
      23rd of Jun, 2012
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    International Wigs - Customer Service
    International Wigs
    United States

    Made an error thinking I was creating an account to come back and buy ended up purchasing the items. When I realized my error I contacted them via email as indicated online in order to cancel the huge order. I received a response back from them that was completely rude and argumentative. Being a potential client that is not the smartest thing to do. I will have to wait for the order to VOID because they do not cancel orders. I emailed them back saying that they had lost at least 2 potential clients and that they had gained a guaranteed complaint online.

  • La
      23rd of Jun, 2012
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  • La
      23rd of Jun, 2012
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    On Jun 23, 2012, at 3:57 PM, International Wig wrote:

    we did not loose out, you an idiot- you cant see you placed an order?
    dont reply

    On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 1:50 PM, Vanessa wrote:
    Thank you for your reply.

    I was going to order from you one of those wigs, but due to your complete rudeness I'm not ordering anything and canceling my registration.

    MANY websites ask you to register for an account without requiring you to purchase. It's called MARKETING of which due to your response you know nothing about.

    Sorry you lost out.


    On Jun 23, 2012, at 3:18 PM, International Wig wrote:

    you added items to cart, chose color and how to pay
    how is this near registration?
    without payment, the order will void, anyhow

    On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Vanessa wrote:

    I need to cancel an order I accidentally placed. I thought I was just registering for an account.

    The order # is 52145

    I would greatly appreciate your help in this.


  • Fe
      18th of Dec, 2012
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    I just did business with them without first reading reviews from other buyers, let me tell you BIGGEST mistake ever!!! I started with a clean professional message stating how I was missing an item from my order which was fully paid for and I received a bunch of lies as an anwer. Quite a rude answer none to say the least saying how they had told me the item was backorder and that clearly I could not wait... I quickly fetched ALL messages received from them and Nowhere did it mention that the item was backorder. They could have comprehended or offered a little professional compassion and responded with something simple like, we are sorry for the inconvience.. we will check into matters, then they could have told me that the item was backorder and offer solutions instead of blasting some Unprofessional message. My replies to their messages started to get ruder and ruder and then eventually they replied with God and Jesus talk... wow... like seriously unprofessional and they start Attacking you personally out of nowhere when clearly the client was not happy and in her rights to be angry at Not received the items she had paid for. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY ARE TOTALLY RUDE AND DO NOT ALWAYS SHIP OUT THE ITEMS YOU PAID FOR!!!

  • Co
      26th of Dec, 2012
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    I had the same problem! Their response was ignorant, unprofessional and an unrelentless need to be right and point blame on customer. Never again. I had to cancel my credit card to avoid them charging me and they subscribed me to many on-line email lists so that my email would be swamped with junk. Not a stable or edicated person in any sense of the word.

  • Bo
      17th of Nov, 2014
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    I am having the same problem myself. I was told I was disgusting and that they would deny any future orders. I have been dealing with them for 7 years with little problems. I have not received my order which has now been 6 weeks. I paid over $200 and have received nothing. The worst customer service and business I have every dealt with!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  • As
      23rd of Feb, 2015
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    International Wigs Orderd Wigs online on 02.02.15 still not arrived. Paid by credit card. When I enquired was rudely dealt with by remarks such as " there is no way to stop it or direct it to ourselves, dont be absurd" & "you ordered" and when I sent them their section on rejected items they replied " You have yet to do that, nor do we have items back, have a nice day" 848 N. Rainbow Blvd, Suite 4557, Las Vegas, NV 891 Internet

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