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International Olde English Bulldogge Association / Buyers Beware Of IOEBA they are Mutt Registry

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Real Olde English Bulldogges foundation crosses consisted of ½ English Bulldog, 1/6 Bull Mastiff or any type of Mastiffs, 1/6 American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier, and 1/6 American Bulldog. Real Olde English Bulldogges have a long tail like American Bulldogs. These dogs are Working dogs need there tail to work. We registry to the true breed Standard.

Three Original Standard:

Buyer Beware of IOEBA, OBBA, UCA, OBS, NBA, UBA, WBA there is a lot more. The Truth need to be told the lying need to stop. These people are Cross Male English Bulldogs to American Bulldogs Female and calling them Olde English Bulldogges that shouldn't be. They also buying a Real Leavitt Bulldogges and Cross it with Akc English Bulldogs and calling it a Olde English Bulldogges that shouldn't be. They also taking VBA Bulldogs and cross it with Real Leavitt Bulldogges and Calling it Olde English Bulldogges that is not should be. The Original Registry of Olde English Bulldogges is OREBA, LBA, OEBKC these people are breeding the true Original Real Olde English Bulldogge.


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  • Su
      25th of Jun, 2012
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    OREBA dog registry & rescue, AKA, Kwame Winston, a.k.a. Old Red English Bulldogs Kennel Kwame Winston, a.k.a. Leo Romas, Leo Winston, real dogman HatingLyingwhites, HatingLyingPeople, New York New York and numerous made up names. Bestiality site posting Internet = One of his most intresting training (?) sites

    Are there any free bestiality websites with no popups or viruses ... 22 answers - Jun 10, 2010
    Are there any free bestiality websites with no popups or viruses? ... I carry Our OREBA rescued dogs have been saved from unwanted owners

  • Su
      25th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    OREBA dog foundation Zoophilia trained dogs.
    For other people into sports we also sell dogs fully trained to engage in hog dog competitions that are not Zoophilia trained.

    Hello, this is the real dogman I raise sexually trained dogs, both male and female for your bestiality pleasures. All animals have had their shots! All animals completely clean! All male dogs trained for giving oral, receiving oral, giving vaginal, giving anal, and receiving anal! All female dogs trained for giving oral, receiving oral, receiving vaginal, and receiving anal! I carry Our OREBA rescued dogs have been saved from unwanted owners and we special train them for safe adult enjoyment pleasure for all your Zoophilia needs for woman and mens use. These dog are placed in your home for modest donation fee. You get the satisfaction of helping rescue a dog, while enjoying it. All animals trained to be sexual every day of the month and not just during heat or rutt!
    LEGAL NOTICE: - We don’t train, sell or breed dogs for illegal purposes. Adopter of our dogs assumes complete responsibility for how they will use dog once they get it. NO SPCA, law enforcement officer, government official, or anyone misrepresenting themselves as getting said dogs for their own stated use is invited to our kennel which is on private property. All visitors must show a valid driver license which will be photo copied during visit.
    For other people into sports we also sell dogs fully trained to engage in hog dog competitions that are not Zoophilia trained.
    Old Red English Bulldogs Kennel Inc. Home Of The Winston Bloodlines
    P.O. Box 1086 Moncks Corner, SC 29461-3909
    Old Red English Bulldogs Kennel Inc. PO Box 7328 Freeport NY 11520

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  • De
      20th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I dont know where to go. I bought a 20 month old puppy from valorquest bulldogs and she arrived vomiting and couldnt walk for a week. I tried getting ahold of jim caraway and shayne forrest the breeders within the first week like the contract stated, but as soon as I told them I had an issue with Jane they hung up and would not respond to multiple calls emails and texts. Not only was jane sick and now 2 months later riddled with multiple mammary tumors, she was abused before I received her. Abused by the breeders of valorquest. These people should be stopped. What recourse do I have?

  • Li
      15th of Oct, 2018
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    Beware of these breeders ( Unique Bulldogs) in San Tan Az who work with this association! . My daughter was ripped off by these people. They sold her a bulldog with medical and behavioral issues. The dog tore up my daughters brand new bed frame and brand new foam mattress and mattress with in a week. He also peed on it every night ! The breeders told my daughter the dog was trained ( he was 14 months old). My daughter wanted a dog who was trained and little older than a puppy to avoid possible damage). They reasured and told my daughter that he was trained and would stay off furniture. They also told my daughter not to buy him any toys, one example they gave, rope toys gets stuck in their stomachs. My daughter did by him some safe toys and a very nice dog bed to lay on in the crate . The breeders said to crate the dog which my daughter did when she was at work. He was allowed out of the crate when she was home from work after they took a nice long walk . The breeder commented on my daughters instagram saying something similar too “we are surprised we don’t see any damage yet to your place in the photo.” When my daughter tried to put drops in the dogs eyes ( breeders sent her home with prescription eye drops because of eye issue) and the dog went crazy and tore my daughters new upholstered bed frame and he peed on her new bed mattress and the bed foam . He ran around jumping on the bed and her new couch while she tried to stop him and eventually did. She just moved out on her own and she wanted a companion dog. They told her he would be great for that and that he was trained. They lied to her so they could sell the dog . They said he had one previous owner and that owner gave him up because of a new baby. My daughter expected some normal dog damage to stuff like drool or dirt etc . Minor stuff nothing compared to the damage he did . She grew up with 4 dogs and my daughter has lots of experience with large dogs! Never had she seen a dog act like this. She wanted to give him
    the benifit of the doubt because he was in a new place. however by the fifth day she came to the conclusion that he was doing far to much damage and he was more of a handful than what she was told. She thought she bought a trained dog. When it came time my daughter made Arangemnts to return him and The breeders gave her the impression they would refund her. She only had him one week . The contract said For medical issues it is 72 hours and after 72 hours for other issues it was up to the Breeder and that was if the dog was well cared for. He was extremely well cared for by my daughter and probably even better cared for than before she got him. It was up to the breeder to give money back and my daughter completely took care of him they should have given her money back . Who takes money from a young adult ? No morals at all! My daughter even offered to give them everything she bought for him but they didn’t accept it because they didnt want him to have toys or a new bed . They had no reason to keep her money. The breeders took the dog and did not pay her back. They run a shady business . At the meeting place The breeders husband intimidated my daughter and took the dog. They took advantage of my daughters age . They said to her if the dog was left in the crate at all times he would not have done damage to her furniture. Apparently they think a dog lives in a crate. Apparently they never let him out of the crate, no wonder he had anxiety and behavior issues! They told us it was not fair for the dog to be going back and forth to different houses. It was not my daughters fault that he went to different houses before her. It was excuse after excuse. Maybe if they did not lie about his behavior they could sell him honestly . It was Obvious he had been returned many times and not just once . My daughter would not have returned him if she knew they were not paying her back, she would have helped find a buyer accordingly to the contract. Who hands over a product with out getting their money back? My daughter would have held on to him but the man intimidated her. My daughter trusted these people and she was lied to and they took her hard earned money. The right thing to do is return my daughters $300 dollars! She only had the dog one week. She took excellent care of him just like the contract stated! I don’t know how people like this sleep at night knowing they ripped off a young girl or any one else for that matter. WARNING ! IF YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR AN OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG YOU SHOULD GO SOME WHERE ELSE! PROCEED WITH CAUTION WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE WITH UNIQUE BULLDOG BREEDERS!

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