International Marine & Auto Investments, Inc, And Great Oaks Asset Management, Inc (Nmig)Worst company ever!!!!!


This really get me upset 4 years later this guy is still getting away with his crooked ways!!! I worked with the BBB, fraud and he is still taking advantage of people to this day !!!

I started working with International Marine & Auto Investments Inc (now NMIG) back in August 2005. I could no longer afford my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica car payment, so I decide to go with this company. I was told they could help me with a Partnership Lease Agreement, and have someone take over my monthly car payments. Chuck Gebell the owner at International Marine & Auto Investments Inc (now NMIG) told us this was legal and he has been doing this for over 20 years. We asked him repeatedly if this was something we could do and we asked him if it was against the law and Chuck said no. I took him at his word and proceeded with the agreement. Chuck told me he found someone to take over the car payments..

We met with the person taking over the car and payments on August 13, 2005 at the North train station in Boston, Massachusetts; they took a train from Warrenton, Virginia to pick up the car. My Mother and Father In-law were also preset. We both signed two copies of the Partnership Lease Agreement and we each got a copy then she drove back to Warrenton, Virginia. The agreement are fake !!!

First car payment was due August 8, 2005 to Great Oaks Asset Management Inc who then in turn pays Chrysler Financial. Great Oaks keeps $50.00 for there fee each month. Great Oaks Asset Management Inc John Beauregard NEVER paid any of the car payments on time. The payments to Chrysler Financial were almost 30 days late every month. We had to make a payment one month so it would not affect my credit. I have called Chuck at International Marine every other week to find out why the car payments were not being made. When we did call Chuck he is rude, he calls me and my wife names and hung up on uas all the time. Chuck would say to me and my wife to call John at Great Oaks and have him handle it, when my wife or I did call John Beauregard at Great Oaks John would always say the check was in the mail. John on several occasions told my wife to stop calling him and told her she should shut, up not to bother him because he has other clients to deal with, he also told my wife we are lucky that someone is making our car payments and that we should have never bought the car if we could not afford it. John and Chuck have repeatedly lied and verbally abused us since day one. We were very patient, we thought things would get better and I did not want the car to be repossessed from Chrysler for non payment.

My wife called Chuck at International Marine and told Chuck we wanted the car back and he told her he will get the car back maybe in one week, three weeks, two months or three month, my wife told him she wanted it back ASAP and he said to her stop chirping, started with his name calling again and said he will get it back when he wants. He then in turn told my wife that we have to make the car payments even thought the car will not be returned to us god knows when.

According to the Partnership Lease agreement the driver has to have car Insurance they never had it on the car. We did make Chuck aware of this but he could care less. Chuck wrote the Partnership Lease Agreement and he NEVER abided by it at all, he has excuses every time the contract is breeched, or he resorts to name calling, yelling, or verbal abuse. This another reason we wanted the car back.

The Partnership Lease Agreement has been breached over and over again by International Marine & Auto Investments, Inc, And Great Oaks Asset Management, Inc. We always gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought things would get better and they never did it got much worse. We have been scammed, lied to and deceived into believing that this Partnership Agreement was legit. I am an honest hard working family man who is was having financial hardship and needed help so we decided to go with International Marine. I just want my car back and I don’t know how I can get it back they are always giving me the run around and they are never honest with me. Worst company ever!!!

I hope this company can be stopped and can never do this to another innocent couple. They need to be held accountable for there actions.

We did get our car back with a spare tire on it that was bald, burns in the seats, coffee stains every where, no oil changes, dents every where and 20, 000 miles put on it in one year. Over 1500.00 + in damages. This company keeps changing there name it is now NMIG Stay clear of this company very EVIL !!! We need to start a website to warn the public to stay far, far away !!!

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