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International Marine And Auto Investments / Great Oaks Asset Management / FRAUD..FRAUD..FRAUD!!!

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International Marine and Auto Investments, Inc.
We had signed a contract with them regarding the selling of our truck. They had found a buyer for us. We signed the contract in September of 2008, and there hasn't been a payment made yet!! We have not received a copy of the contract signed by the seller. International Marine and Auto Investments gave our truck away without following their own contract. To date, they have continually made excuses and told us it wasn't their problem anymore. The first buyer, Victor DeVito, had not made any payments even though he signed the contract. He brought the truck back and handed the keys to Chuck. ( Chuck told us they went to get the truck) SO, we now get information that Chuck and Nathan gave our truck to another buyer. Once again, we have not received a copy of a signed contract or insurance coverage. And you are right...no payment form new buyer. But I must add that Chuck didn't have any problem taking Victor DeVito's downpayment money!! After numerous phone calls and emails to Chuck and Nathan, they continue to give us the runaround. Our perfect credit is now ruined, because of Chuck and Nathans continuous lies. We contacted and attorney from Hayward, Wisconsin and we had a conference call with them. Our attorney told Chuck and Nathan point blank that what they were doing was FRAUD!!! Chuck started screaming, as well as Nathan. They did the only thing they could do and they hung up on us!! great business people, huh? So, it is now the end of January and Chuck still hasn't given us any inkling where our truck is and he says the payments are our peoblem, not his. Oh, yeah, May I mention that he called and left a message letting us know that he doesn't like to be "threatened"!! Because we called him and told him he needs to get the payments due as well as late charges paid up or we are going to let the bank handle it with our attorney and that he WILL NOT WIN!! Needless to say, they are tough guys over the speaker phone who are comitting fraud on every level of the word. Do not do business with these FRAUDS!! IF you ahve any questions or want some information, we will be glad to share with you. Our email is
Again, please take heed and google them and look them up on the BBB. The attorney general of Wisconsin and Michigan has told us that the majority of complaints that are not being dealt with are from out of state deals with them. BEWARE!!!
Dale and Kathy


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A  2nd of Feb, 2009 by 
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I purchased an RV through them, every payment they made to the bank bounced from insufficient funds. We finally cancelled the contract and have signed one between ourselves. I am in the process of filing theft of services charges on them in Nevada. They never refunded the security deposit, or dispersed it as was required per the contract.
A  10th of Feb, 2009 by 
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OMG- We are not alone. They found a Buyer for our 5th wheel back on 07" Some payments were made . They have not made a payment since Aug. Needless to say our credit is ruined - Yesterday a repo company was here to pick it up. Has anyne done the arbitration thing listed in my contract.
A  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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We have posted above and yup, we are still waiting for a payment!! Chuck and Nathan gave our truck away...AGAIN...and no contract...AGAIN!! We have talked to the couple who has our truck now and they said they made a payment to Chuck. Chuck told the couple that the payment would be taken over to Great Oaks Asset Management..guess what? The payment never made it but made it directly into Chuckie Boys pocket!! We have something on you Chuckie Boy that will be a little surprise to you!! See you soon you pice of crap. FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!! FRAUD!! Pretty soon you will be doing some explaining, Chucky Boy!! I can''t wait and neither can the rest of these people you used FRAUD!! against!! You, Chucky Boy, can consider yourself, BUSTED!!!
A  28th of May, 2009 by 
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I unfortunately signed a contract with "Chucky Boy" in March 2007 to find us a "buying partner" for our motor home. If I didn't call John Beauregard of "Great Jokes" EVERY MONTH, my wife and I would not have received our payments (They were LATE every month). I'm sorry to say that my mother-in-law agreed to a similar deal with her motor home and her payments were also late. So, I have 2 isolated incidences to reference and something happened with Great Jokes and International back in September...August was the last payment we both received. Since then, I flew to North Carolina (I'm located in Michigan) to get my motor home out of the crusty repo lot and found out that Great Jokes didn't pay them either. I had to pay the repo guy to get possession of my motor home...$750 PLUS $20 per day for storage...$1, 250 total. THANKS CHUCKY-BOY. My buying partner DISTROYED my motor home and according to the contract, Chucky Boy (International Marine) is responsible to clean it up if I agreed to sign another agreement…yeh…right!

KNOW THIS...International Marine & Auto and Great Jokes are no longer located at 30901 Utica Road, Roseville, MI 48066 and their phone numbers have now been disconnected. Chucky Boy and his posse of thieves skated...didn't give their landlord any notice, owing them months of rent too (big surprise). So, where is he now...if you know, I'd be very interested to find out. I think we should ALL start our own website and *uck Chucky Boy just like he did all of us!!!

N  30th of Oct, 2012 by 
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They are currently operating as "Ez2buyllc", located at 35005 Automation Dr, Clinton Township, MI 48035. (586) 791-2612. They just changed their name (may 2012) from Platinum Image Motorsports / Blue Water Recreation. It appears that the parent company to all of these companies is Blue Water Partnership. Owner is David Goodman. Complaints need to be filed with the Michigan State Attorney General Consumer Affairs Division, and the Federal Trade Commission.
A  28th of Jan, 2013 by 
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hey every body that has been screwed by chuck {aka skip, david ect ] they are the same person call this number 1-866-311-0971 it is the feds looking for chuck please call it is for real and tell every body you no i am doing just that thank you please call
N  28th of Jan, 2013 by 
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my email is fullboar@cheqnet.net if anyone want more info .and call1-866-311-0971 for the investigation .and get your name on the list

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