International Finance and Trust , LLC / Suspected Investment Fraud

1 Fort Myers, FL, United States

I thought we would give you the latest on IFT. Today one of their investment brokers told a client who had been trying to get their deposit back on a failed loan transaction that the reason that investors had not been paid yet was because of possible litigation against IFT. They also confirmed what we had always suspected that the money from IFT was given to the principal (Jennifer Hoffman/Assured Capital), a company that is currently involved in litigation revolving around investment practices.
Here is the really unbelievable statement, that IFT would get paid regardless of the litigation because they had not legally pursued Assured Capital. Are you kidding me, just how stupid do they think the investors are? Assured Capitals assets are tied up until this issue is resolved, all of them. Also many months ago we have written coorespondence from Julie Holden stating that the money was not given to Assured Capital. Now are suspicions are confirmed, when you ask IFT a direct question at best you are going to get half truths or in this case a lie.
Now is the time to pursue them legally as they will never get your money back.

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