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1 San Francisco, CA, United States

I used their transcript evaluation 5 years ago. When I wanted to have a copy of the evaluation this year, they said I have to start from scratch but they will give me 25% discount to the evaluation fee only. When they evaluate transcript, it can be generic, course-by-course, or comprehensive. I called the customer service to verify how much I will have to pay and what specific type my first evaluation was. Using the information that the customer service told me, I sent the check and all the papers required on Feb 2, 2014. After a week, the company emailed me and said I needed to submit additional payment, which I sent the same day. The check was deposited to their account on Feb 12, 2014.
I emailed on Mar 12, 2014 to follow up, but no response. Their customer service line had automatic voicemail stating "all the agents are busy..." and that email is better. Today, Mar 17, 2014, I was finally able to get contact with the customer service and after informing that it was been over a month and I still dont have the evaluation, the customer service agent stated "Oh yea, we will mail that today". I mean, if i didnt call to follow up, they probably would not have sent the evaluation.

Their service is extremely slow and you have to follow up multiple times to get the evaluation. I would never avail of their services again. The delay in their process and delay in sending my documents caused me to be delay in starting my school. I would caution other customers to be aware that this company easily gets your money, but SLOW to deliver the service. In addition, the customer service agents were not polite, instead rude.

Mar 17, 2014

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